Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Diary Of A Female Baller: Emma Boslet 20' Bishop Ahr HS, New Jersey / Team Miller Barton Entry #2

Emma & Jesse Jones

Monday July 30th: I just got home from Atlanta at 2:30 am last night so I slept until 1:30 today. Then I got up, showered, took an ice bath and practiced some driving with my mom. After that I was invited to go to an open gym at Roselle Catholic High School. It was a great workout and I got a ton of shots up.

Tuesday July 31st: Today I went out with my mom and drove. Then we went and got pedicures together. After that I went to Roselle Catholic for a workout. We worked on ball handling, getting in the gap, shooting, and finishing around the rim. 

Wednesday August 1st: Today I worked out my lower body in my backyard. I did calf raises, tires, squats, and lunges. I also worked on trying to jump higher to get the rim and did some pushups. After that I took 300 shots and went in the pool. Then I went driving with my mom and my brothers and watched their football practice. 

Thursday August 2nd: Today I continued to work on my lower body by repeating the same workout as yesterday. And even though it may not sound like much, I am super sore. I also practiced a lot of driving today. I went on the road with my mom and my Grandpa. Before bed I stayed up and watch America’s Got Talent with my family. 

Friday August 3rd: Today I worked out on my legs and got 300 plus shots up. After that I drove with my mom to my aunts house and sat and talked while my brothers swam. In the middle it started to storm so we had to go inside. My mom decided it was time to go home so I drove in the rain. Then I ate dinner and watched tv in my room.

Saturday August 4th: I went outside and put up 200 shots and measured my vertical. Then I went in the pool and relaxed in the sun with my brothers. After that I went on a bike ride around my town. Then I came home and ate stuffed crust pizza for dinner. I also painted my nails and then went to bed.  

Sunday August 5th: Today I went out ya shot and worked on my ball handling. Then I invited a group of friends over to swim. We played different pool games and just relaxed in the sun. Then we went and played shooting games. After we went downstairs and played pool and listened to music. It was a great way to end the week.