Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Diary Of A Female Baller: Emma Boslet 20' Bishop Ahr HS, New Jersey / Team Miller Barton Entry #3

Emma & Carla Escanillias

Monday August 6th: Today I went on a visit to Monmouth University with my mom. We talked to the coaches, saw the facilities, and learned more about the school. It was a great experience and I enjoyed it a lot. When I got home I got shots up and did some jump roping and went on a short run. Then I went to my Aunts house to swim with all of my little cousins. After that I came back home and relaxed in my own pool. 

Tuesday August 7th: I went to train at US Hoops for about 2 and a half hours. Then I came home and put up shots. After I had friends over my house to swim and play ball. When they left I sat down with my family and watched America’s Got Talent. 

Wednesday August 8th: Today I went out and worked out myself. I did ball handling, moves to the basket, and finished with form shooting. After that I had family over and we all swam and had fruit and snacks out. Then I went shopping to get an outfit for a sweet sixteen I had. I got ready and went to the sweet and had a blast. I also saw a lot of my friends. 

Thursday August 9th: Today is my brothers birthday so my family went to six flags with him and did the rides. We stayed there for about 4 hours and then we decided to go home. It was fun because I love roller coasters and aren’t scared of them. When we got home I got changed and went to a workout at Roselle Catholic. There we worked on game like situations and running fast breaks. 

Friday August 10th: Today I went out and worked out on my driveway. I put up a ton of shots and worked on moves to the basket along with doing some conditioning drills to increase my vertical. After that I stayed in while it rained and watched some Netflix. Later that night my friend called and asked if I wanted to go to the movies so I said sure and we went. We saw Slender man and it was pretty creepy. But I enjoyed seeing my friend and spending some time with her. 

Saturday August 11th: Today I went out and ran in the morning. Then I went to watch Roselle Catholic play St Rose in the no boys allowed tournament at 1. After that I headed over to my Grandmas house where she gave me my birthday gift which was a cute collage of pictures of me and my family shaped into the number “16”. It was so creative, I really liked it. After that I headed to a friends party and stayed till about 10 and headed home. I got to meet new people and catch up with old friends so it was very fun. 

Sunday August 12th: This morning I went to the basketball warehouse to workout. I was told I really need to start spicing up my diary entries. But other than that it was a great workout to start the day. When I got home I showered and watched Split and Get Out, which came out a while ago but I never got a chance to see. Then I had to rush to get ready to go to my teammates sweet because my mom had to make her movie on time. I got to the sweet and I had a great time because my AAU Team was there and it was just nice to see them again.