Monday, December 4, 2017


Hey Basketball World

Here is my second entry of a Diary of a Female Baller,  I hope you enjoy the journey and remember Skye “The Limit”.

Monday 11/27/17

After a long vacation break, I had to go to school today. The break was nice because it gave a me chance to relax and enjoy my family. I had a half day today because we received our report cards. I was very happy with my grades. I always do very good in school. My favorite subject is math. My mom and dad are always telling me how important it is to do well in school and get good grades. I stayed after school and was able to get my homework done. Once I finished my homework, I went to the gym and got some shots up.  

Tuesday 11/28/17

On Tuesday, I shadowed a student at a high school. It was a very interesting day. In the morning,they performed a spin on a few of shakespeare’s stories. It was interesting and put the difficult Shakespeare language into simpler terms. I look forward to reading the books because I will have a very good understand of the language and what everything means. I also got to hear a poet named “ Kayo “ recite a great poem called “ How do you Know ? “ The poem really made me think about how people try to dull you down when they do not know the answers or when you begin to think to far out the box. The poem also spoke about how the greatest people thought out of the box and were called crazy. I had a pretty good day at the school. After the day ended, I went to workout with my trainer. It was a good workout, it gave me an opportunity to work on my shot. We got alot of shots up, worked on finishing around the rim and discussed some Point guard situation stuff. Once I got home, It was time to get something to eat and go to bed.

Wednesday 11/29/17

Today as I said in entry #1, Thursday is my favorite day of the week. Even though I had a test in the morning, it was still a good day. I did very good on the test as usual. I stayed after school and was able to finish my homework. I went home and got something to eat. Then I had to go back to school for practice. We have a game tomorrow, so practice was 2 hours long and we practiced with the boys. A kid on the 8th grade boys team can dunk. The team is good for us to practice against because they challenge us. The guys try really hard to beat us. They do not take it easy at all because the loser has to run two 16’s. Also everyone always wants to believe their team is better than the next.

Thursday 11/30/17

Thursday I went to school as usual. It was somewhat of a slow day. At recess, some of my friends and I decided to wrap the Christmas gifts, the kids in my class collected gifts for those who cannot afford it. So far we have collected 75 gifts but our goal is 115 gifts. I am really surprised by how many gifts we got but it's a good surprise. After School, I had an orthodontist appointment. While I was at my doctor’s appointment, I was able to get my homework done. I went back to the school for my game. It was a good game and the gym was packed. A few of my classmates from the 8th grade boys team came to the game to show us support and cheer us on. We won the game. I stayed in the gym after the game shooting and just joking around with my friends. I was super sore from all the running, so I took an ice bath. It is very cold for the first 5 minutes but once the 5 minutes are over your body  just goes numb. It was a good thing I did this because I would have been very sore the next day.

Friday 12/1

On the last day of a business week, Friday I wasn't feeling well in the morning so I stayed home. I went to see the orthopedic physician. Then I went to meet with my trainer in the afternoon. It was a good workout. After that my dad and I went to the movies to see “Roman J. Israel, Esq.”  The movie was about a lawyer who was great and had special memorizing abilities. He had to adapt to the times around him. Even though he was an older lawyer who wasn't used to modern technology or modern tactics of addressing situations. Later that evening, I went to the recreation center in Staten Island where I played with the boys. Each week we choose teams when we arrive. My team made it to the championship game and we won. Although the teams may vary, my team has won the last five times.
Saturday 12/2

Saturday I woke up later than usual and I still wasn't feeling well but I had a game and I wanted to play, so I drank alot of liquids. My throat was a little sore but I still did the count for my team. Before the game, I went to the gym to warm up. It was tough to get up and play in the game but I did and a lot of people came up to me and said by the way you played, I could not even tell you how sick I was going to the party this kid in my class was having but since I wasn't feeling well I just got some soup. After the game, my family and I went to have dinner at a Japanese restaurant. We laughed a lot and enjoyed the food. My classmates and I were planning to go to Great Adventures, we didn't because three of them got sick.


On Sunday, I got up at about 6 am to go workout with one of my trainers. It was a good workout because I got a chance to work on my shot and my handle. After the workout, I went to meet with the coach of one of the schools, I am considering attending. It was a very cool meeting. I have known him for a few years now. I thought it was nice of him to take time out on a Sunday to meet with me. He is a very good coach. When I got home, I just relaxed for the rest of the day.