Tuesday, December 12, 2017



Hello basketball world, welcome to Skye "The Limit" 3rd entry to a Diary Of A Female Baller. Enjoy the journey.

It was a pretty good day. When I arrived at school, my teacher told us that one of our old classmates would be returning to the school. Everyone was stoked. He was our classmate for a few years and left this year. It was great to hear that he is coming back to the school and will be able to graduate with us. The teachers gave us a lot of work to do in the classroom. At lunch, I hung out with my friends. We joked around a lot while we ate. After school, I went to the gym. At the gym, I worked on some of my weaknesses and got in a few games against some of the older boys.

On Tuesday, school was interesting. We didn’t do much because lately we have been preparing for the Christmas pageant. I'm looking forward to the Christmas pageant.We are going to put on a Nativity scene. We have also been practicing the Chris Brown X-Mas song “This Christmas". I hope we sing it at the Christmas Pageant. I also had violin class which I take every Tuesday at my school. It’s a lot of fun. I played a song and my teacher critiqued me. I have been playing the Violin for 3 years now. I have also studied the piano. My teachers were in a good mood today, so they did not give us any homework. When school was over, I went to Barnes and Nobles to get a few good books. After that I went to the gym to workout.

When I went to school I took 2 tests. I think I did good on both of  them. We did not have gym class because my school had a spelling bee. I would have much rathered gym though but it was okay. The spelling bee took about 2 hours in order to get a winner. After school, I stayed in school to finish up all of my homework. Once I finished my home-work, I went to workout with my trainer. I worked on my shot and he had me do a lot of running. It was a good workout as usual. After the workout, I went to go watch a few of my fellow IEXCEL AAU  members play for their high school team. It is also a high school that is interested in me attending, so it was good for me to support my IEXCEL members but also to get a look at the team and the coach.

Thursday was a pretty good day. I went to school and a kid who was in my class last year came back. It was exciting because everyone in my class was stoked to have him back. For the first 45 minutes of school work, I have never seen the kids in my class so focused and quiet. It was because for the first 45 minutes the principal was our substitute teacher. It was funny to see all the kids in my class completely change. For the rest of the day we had a different substitute. Once school was over, I went to the gym and played in a few games. The games were good and a lot of fun.

It was a pretty busy day. I visited a potential school that I may be attending. The principal had me shadow 3 different girls from different classes. One hour I was in Physics with one girl and then next hour I was in a Latin class with another girl. One of the girls had a free period and we played ping pong for the hour. That was a lot of fun. It was a very good experience. I pretty much knew all the girls that I shadowed for the day. I played basketball with 2 of them throughout the years. I stayed at the high school the entire day. It was interesting and nice to meet new people. Once the day was over, I went to workout with my trainer. It was a good workout. I went through a lot of drills and also worked on my shot. After I worked out, I went to a party that one of my friends was having. It was a lot of fun. I knew almost everyone at the party which was good. We joked around. I had a great time.

On Saturday I mostly stayed in because of the snow. I did not think that it was going to snow as much as it did. I went to the gym about mid- day. Then when I got home I found out my game had been cancelled because of the snow. It was disappointing because I was really looking forward to playing. Since it was somewhat of a chilly day my mom and I went to the movies to see Daddy’s Home 2. It was a funny movie. At the same time, it was kinda weird though. The movie is about how a dad tries to get along with the step dad to his kids. At the end of the movie there is a twist. After the movie we went to get something to eat then we went to Barnes and nobles to get one of the books I needed for the book club I joined. The book club is at my school. I am reading the book called, “ the five people you meet in heaven “ by Mitch Albom. So far the book is interesting. I have to read more of it to find out what it is really about. So far the book has somewhat of a “ Scrooge “ theme with the main character meeting his past place where he lived.

I got an early start to my day on Sunday unlike Saturday. I got up early and went to meet with my other trainer. It was a good workout because the trainer helped me improve my shot. After I worked on my shot I worked out with the high school boys. It was more challenging than working out with the girls and it was better. After I worked out my mom, me and my dad went to get something to eat. When the lunch was over I went to the mall. When I left the mall I headed to Barnes and Nobles then home.