Wednesday, December 27, 2017


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Hey Basketball World,     

This is Skye “The Limit” 5th entry of a Diary of a Female Baller”

Enjoy the Journey!!

Monday 12/18/17

This was a busy week. It began on Monday. Monday some of the kids in my class got in trouble for misusing the technology in the school. Since they got in trouble and it kind of made the day solemn at first. So then the principal spoke to all of the older grades to make sure that we knew that the other kids got in trouble and not to do it ourselves. About an hour, later we went on a class trip to the Historic Richmond Town. It was interesting to see just how people lived in simpler times. We learned alot about how Americans lived in different centuries. It really gave you a great sense of American history. During the trip, we made flappers with the woman who was there. She cooked it on this pate hanging on top of the fire she had made. Whatever extra things they had that people nowadays would throw out they threw it into the fire. The girls and boys in the class threw wood into the fire to kindle it.  We got back to school just in time for dismissal. After school, I went to the gym to workout. It was a good workout, I went through alot of drills and worked hard. There were a few boys in the gym, so I set up a full court game of 5 on 5. My team won all the games. It gave me a chance to go up against the boys, which is always fun.

Tuesday 12/19/17
Tuesday was somewhat of an interesting day. Every 2 kids in my class got partnered up with one Kindergartner and we helped them make Christmas reefs out of green and red tissue paper, plates, glue, and crayons. We then had art class where we drew Christmas related things. Our kids final product was very nice. If you ask me it was the best. Once school was over, I finished up all of my homework. After I finished my homework, I went and worked out with my trainer. It was a very good workout. We got a lot of shots up, worked on options off the pick n Roll, and some of conditioning drills.

Wednesday 12/20/17

My school had an ugly sweater day. So I wore my sweater with a llama. Everyone had different ugly sweaters. In the morning, my class prepared for the Christmas pageant. We sound pretty good. We practiced in the church. In the later part of the day, the upper grades watched, "The Grinch who stole Christmas”. When I was younger, I used to hate that movie but after seeing it again it is really not that bad. When school was over I went to the gym. It was even better than yesterday because my brother was home from college and he went with me. My brother plays basketball in college. He has been very successful. When he comes home he always helps me out with my game.Once we got to the gym, I was able to get a lot of shots up. After I worked out, he drove me to practice. At practice my team played against the 8th grade boys team. There were 3 teams of 5. The guys in the stands were excited to watch me play . During the game, I put one of my moves on one of the boys and i dropped him to the floor and than I stripped the ball from another one of the boys that I was guarding.They got all excited. The gym went wild. It was alot of fun. We also played shooting games against the boys team. Once practice was over, we sat around and ate pizza. We laughed and joked around. We also talked about our plans for the Christmas break.

Thursday 12/21/17

We had the Christmas pageant. During school we had to do a performance in the church for the kids in my school. It was good but it wasn't as good as we practiced. There was a bit of a change in where to stood. We sang 12 songs all having to do with the story of Jesus. I thought we were pretty good at singing especially since none of us were singers or wanted to become singers in the near future. When school was over, I had to go to the gym for practice. At practice, we went over plays and a got a few shots up. We had a short practice today. Once practice was over, I went to the recreaction center to play in a few games. I played in a few games against some of the high school boys. I know exactly what time I can usually catch them in the gym. After the games, I went home ate, showered and finished up some homework. After that I had to go back to the church to do  another showing of the Christmas pageant for parents. I was chosen by my teacher to be the narrator during the pageant. It was a great experience to be on stage in front of my classmates and their parents. My class did a great job. It was another good showing. In all both Christmas pageant showings went well and everyone did a good job on their roles. After the Christmas Pageant, I went out to eat with my family.  We had a great time over dinner looking at many of the pictures my dad took during the pageant.

Friday 12/22/17

The last day of the school week, Friday my school had a sing along in the gym. This is the first year my school has ever done anything like that. Each grade in the school had to sing a song on the stage in the gym. Since my class is the oldest class in the school, we sang 3 songs instead of one. When the sing along was over we went back to the classroom to watch “ Elf “ and eat snacks. The energy in the school was very good. I think it’s because everyone is looking forward to the Christmas break. Many of my friends were looking forward to staying home and spending time with their family. When school was over, I went to the recreation center to play in a few games. After the Rec, Center, I had a game with my school team. We won. It was a pretty good day.

Saturday 12/23/17

I got up early and went to a funeral. It made me remember that you need to cherish the days that you live on this earth and make each day an interesting one because you do not know what your future will hold. When I left the funeral, I went to a workout with coach Walter Welsh (IEXCEL) my AAU coach. We took a lot of shots and did some ball handling stuff. It was a great workout as usual. He also sat us down to discuss some things. He wants to get us ready for the up coming AAU season.  Once practice was over, I had to hurry home to help my mom cook dinner and clean up for the Christmas Eve party that we were having at our place. It was going to be a long evening.
Sunday 12/ 24 / 17 _- Christmas Eve

Christmas eve, Sunday I went went to workout with my coach Walter again. It was yet another good workout. We got a lot of things done. We got alot of shots up again. I thought it was really nice that he got us in the gym the last 2 days and we were able to get a workout in on Christmas Eve. We will definitely be prepared for this AAU season. I realized that since I had been working out so much and had been busy, I forgot to get a couple of gifts so I went to the mall and got the gifts I needed. The  mall closed early but luckily I had gotten everything. I also had to finish helping my mom clean up around the house. I was looking forward to the Christmas Eve party that we were having. We had a lot  of family and friends that came over. We had a lot of food. It was also nice because I got to spend time with my younger cousin from Florida and my older cousins. As soon as it hit 12:10 am,  my brother and I exchanged gifts and we both got each other nice stuff. It was an interesting Christmas eve. We had a lot of fun at the party.