Monday, July 24, 2017



Hello Basketball World, this is Kayla checking in for Week 7.

Monday - I'll be going to The Patrick School basketball camp this whole week. I got there at lunch since my father overslept from his night job. There we only 5 girls including and one of them was my teammate, the rest were boys. After lunch was over, we stretched and did some speed & agility stuff outside with the TPS trainer. We did some work with the long and short resistance bands. It was very challenging being that mostly everything was a first for me. We also did ladder drills push-ups. I really liked it though because it was fun and interesting. We went inside and played 4 on 4. I did very well in front of a lot of coaches and players. It was boys for the most part and I was killing them. Camp was over by the time all the games finished. I went home to eat and nap a little and then it was back to my strength & conditioning/ speed & agility workout. I did some cone work and some resistance drills here too. I had a great day.

Tuesday - Today I got there on time and we started out warming up outside. Then went went inside to do ball handling, layups, three man weave, and 2 on 2. I learned some new moves and did some new drills that I've never seen before. Then it was lunch. After, we stretched out and played 5 on 5. Then, we went outside to do battle ropes, push up jumps, weight ball, and the same resistance and ladder stuff from yesterday. I came home until it was time for my 6 o'clock workout. I did a lot of running compared to other days where there's a balance. Then I went to the gym and made at least 300 shots from close, mid range, and the three. Today was tiring.

Wednesday - Today at TPS we started with a lot of ball handling moves. I learned a numerous amount of new moves with Delson Training. Everything with them was done in a fast pace and efficiently. Then trainers from Run the City camp work on the footwork the scissor move and other hesitation moves of that nature. I really enjoyed both of these sessions, being that I learned a lot. After lunch, we scrimmaged a little bit and then we trainer with the strength & conditioning coach. We did mostly abs and upper body exercises and drills. On the ride home, I took a nap and chilled until team practice. We worked hard in preparation for Junior Nationals in Washington D.C.

Thursday -  I woke up late and was extremely tired. I decided not to go to camp, but immediately regretted it because I enjoyed the camp so much. I pretty much laid in bed all day until I headed to NY for 2 games in Team Hunc. I played alongside the great Kateri Poole. Her aggression throughout both of the games really inspired me to do more. After the games, I really thought about how much I could learn just by playing with Kateri in this one tournament.

Friday - I made sure I woke up bright and early today so I could get to camp. I missed it yesterday and I was just eager to get back to the gym. We started with a light warm up outside, and then we went inside to do some intense speed drills. The amount of running and footwork we did in that first session made everyone’s legs tired. We couldn’t stop there though, after Run the City came in again and we worked on another new move. The moves felt a little strange at first, but eventually I caught on and it all made sense. After we finished, it was lunch time. We​ got right back outside and worked out. We didn’t play any games today, but I was still fun all in all. Practice got cancelled so I was home for the rest of the day.

Saturday - I have an All-Star game for the Jr. Rucker and a regular game with my team afterwards. I did decent in the first game and won the 3 point contest they had during halftime. The trophy I won was really big, about a bit more than half my size. I felt honored, but there was no time for celebration because I had to get to next game which was back to back with this All-Star game. The second game was very fast and intense. Again, I had to play as a big. It isn’t that bad doing it every once in awhile. We took the W by about 12 and from there I just went home.

Sunday - My game around 10 got cancelled because of the heavy rain. The next game was at 12 and we played this team that was really not that good. I started off the game missing two wide open layups and everything went downhill from there. I don't know what was wrong but I wasn't being myself. After the game, I stayed an extra hour or so working on making layups. When I got home I ran out with my mom to finish up some things for our trip DC.