Monday, March 27, 2017


Q. Imani, how would you grade your performance this year for 2016-17 season? 

 A. I would grade my performance as an 8/10. I have to play with more consistency and with more
intelligence. I have to get my basketball iq higher meaning I need to know when to pass, shoot,
and attack the basket. Overall I feel like I have had a great season and I am looking forward to
having an even better season next year.

Q. Since playing in the first gthing All Star Classic 3 years ago, we see that your stock has rising, 
why is that?

A. My stock has risen because of my hard work and dedication. People kept telling me I can be
great, I can be something special, and once I started to see it for myself things started to change. I
started training with a purpose and reason. I just was not training to stay in shape, I was training
for the game of basketball now. My hard work and dedication is what has gotten my stock to rise.

Q. How has the change been for you at Life Center, since spending your first year at Trenton 

A. It has been a drastic change. Life Center is way smaller than Trenton Catholic so I had to adjust
to the student body change. Also there was a huge basketball change for me. Life Center played a
national schedule, while at Trenton Catholic I just played local teams. I would say the level of
competition is harder at Life Center than Trenton Catholic. It did not really take much for me to
adjust to the competition because I always had this killer instinct in me, that no matter where I go
who I face, I am going to always give my all and compete.

Q. So, tell me the difference between being coached by your uncle Khaliq Lewis- El in your days 
at TC and being coached by Hilton Clarke at the Life Center.

A. The difference is my uncle Khaliq realized the leadership in me when I did not realize I had it in
myself. So he always pushed me to go hard and he always wanted to bring the best out of me. He
just wanted the best for me and he demanded a lot more from me because he knew as a
freshman, I could be a big asset to the team. He also coached me hard because that was just the
type of person he was and I appreciate every moment of it. Being coached by Hilton Clarke is a
little different than being coach my Khaliq. Hilton is a little more laid back than coach Khaliq,
but he still demands a lot from me. He knows what I can do, and if I am not doing it, he will hold
me accountable, just like coach Khaliq would. Hilton pushes me and just wants the best for me.
The only difference I see in the coaching is that Coach Khaliq was intense and into the game,
while Hilton is into the game, but he is more of a laid back type of coach.

Q. What do you think about being rank #25 by ESPN and being ranked #38 by Prospect Nation?

A. I just think that people have different opinions about the way I play. They view me as a different
person on the court. There is nothing wrong with that, it just shows me that people have different​
opinions about the way I play. Both rankings are good, so I am not really concerned about them.
The only thing I am worried about doing is bringing both of those rankings up.

Q. Now that your nationally ranked, what do you think you need to do to stay there, and what 
parts of your game would you like to work on to benefit you?

A.To stay ranked I need to work in the gym every single day. Days off lead to off days. While I am
not working, I have to remember that those other rank players are always working. To stay
ranked, I just have to stay in the gym an continue to work on my craft. To benefit me, I need to
work on my right hand and learning to attack the basket on the right side. I need to work on my
perimeter defense, I am slowly transitioning from playing post defense to perimeter defense. I
am also trying to work on being a consistent shooter, not only from the mid range, but also from
the 3 point line.

Q. What song gets you pumped before a game?

A. Meek Mill Dreams and Nightmares is the song that gets me pumped before a game.

Q. Favorite food to eat before a game and after a game?

A. My favorite food to eat before a game is chicken alfredo and after the game my favorite food is

boneless buffalo wings.