Thursday, May 17, 2018

Diary Of A Female Baller: Zoey Brooks 23' (Holy Savior Academy Middle School) Plainfield, NJ / New Jersey Sparks Entry #5

Zoey & Mom

Hey, my name is Zoe Brooks. I’m 13, I attend Holy Savior Academy in South Plainfield, I’m a 5-7 guard for the New Jersey Sparks (Class of 2023) and here are some of the things I do on and off the court on a daily basis.
Monday, May 7

I woke up today and my ankle was still hurting from the weekend. After school, I knew we had Sparks practice so I iced my ankle while watching TV. Practice was good and when I went home I ate, did my homework and went to sleep.

Tuesday, May 8

I love playing basketball for my middle school team and as usual, we won the championship this year. Today was our day to celebrate the chip so we had a pizza party after school. After we were done eating, we played ball and me and my good friend Jett played a three point shooting game. After playing around for a little bit the whole team had to put on our uniforms and take pictures.

Wednesday, May 9

After school I did my homework, took a little nap and then got dressed for Sparks practice in Newark. When we got to the gym, there was another team there so because of the confusion, we ended up not practicing.

Thursday, May 10

Today I had a math test and that is the subject I struggle the most in. After school I went to my trainer Eric and I was supposed to do two sessions but my ankle wasn’t fully healed yet so I only did one. After my workout, I did my homework, ate dinner and watched Youtube for the rest of the night.

Friday, May 11

Today the team got back bad news about our big man Kelyse. She got her MRI results and she has a torn ACL and is done for the season.  She does a lot of things for us and will be missed. I worked out for an hour, did my homework and went to bed early because we have the Rose Classic this weekend and we’re playing up.

Saturday, May 12

I woke up early so that we could head to Brooklyn. We played against Bay State and Exodus 8th grade. Although we competed hard, we dropped both games. We have to get used to playing without Kelyse and although I normally play shooting guard, I now have to do a lot of stuff that centers normally do. Between games, me and my teammate Kayla went to the movies and saw Avengers. It was really good although I still don’t understand what happened at the end.

Sunday, May 13

We had three more games today in the Rose Classic. We won by forfeit, beat the 8th grade Havoc team and lost by one to Team Sol 8th grade. We’re better than Team Sol and had the lead in the final 30 seconds but didn’t seal the deal. Although we went 2-3 this weekend, I feel like we got better as a team and when we play our age these games can only help us. Today is Mother’s Day so after our games, I went and hung out with the best mom in the world,  Milicent Brooks.