Monday, October 30, 2017



Hey guys, here is my week 5...

Monday 10/23

Today was a normal day at school.  After school my grandpa picked me and before going straight home we stopped for some cookies. At 7pm my mom picked me and I went to a strength and conditioning class for about an hour. I then went home had dinner, and showered. Although that conditioning class had me tired I have to start part 2 of my application for the NJ Seeds Scholar program I’m trying to get into, which is researching a high school and writing about it. I started researching 2 schools and then by the end of this week I will pick which one I want to do my essay on.

Tuesday  10/24

Today 2 of my teachers (Language Arts & Science) wasn’t in today so I didn’t have any classwork. We just had to read, read, read.. In math we had a project to do which consisted of ratios and units. In gym instead of playing a sport we had a fitness class which was pretty cool. After school my grandpa picked me up and we went home. I had a lot math homework and one of the problems I waited for my mom so she can help me with understanding it a little better. I ended up eating dinner at my grandparents house because my mom was getting off late. Once my mom picked me up at 8 we went to cold stone and sat there eating ice cream and went over the math problem I needed help with. After that we went home and I showered and went to bed. 

Wednesday 10/25

Today I had a sub for History class so I had to read. I have like 3 books I’m reading. It’s like I leave one book home, now I have to get another book to read. Today I signed up for the homework where we get to stay after school an extra hour to do homework and get help if needed, it’s start next week. My grandpa picked me up and we stopped for some cookies. I wanted to go to the park but I had homework to get done. 530 my auntie dropped me to Rutgers Prep for Cardinal Fall Training with Kristen Somogyi. My mom picked me up and we went home, had dinner and showered and went to bed.

Thursday  10/26

I didn’t do much in school today. I was surprised I didn’t have any test today. Maybe tomorrow I will have one. We had another fitness course in gym so we was learning a bunch of different exercises. After school my mom came to pick me up since she got off work early. I went home and started on my homework. Around 7pm I left to go to the basketball warehouse. Always a good workout when I go there. I’m ready for this wknd, Saturday showcase and Sunday playoffs. 

Friday 10/27

Today I had a test in my Language Arts class. I’m not sure what I got on it hopefully Monday I will know. Other than that school today was normal. After school my mom picked me up again and we went straight home. She wanted me to get my homework done today because our weekend was full with basketball. After I completed my homework I started to get ready for my fall dance at my school. I had so much fun at the dance and I actually danced too. The party ended at 830 and  after that I went home, showered and started preparing for tomorrow Showcase. 

Sat 10/28

Today I spent my day at the Keil Moore Fall Showcase. We did several dribbling drills, worked on reverse layups and other things. I learned a few stretching techniques as well. We then had scrimmages. After the showcase I stayed a little bit talking and shooting around with a coach that was there until my mom was like let’s go. After a long day, we grabbed food and watch Stranger Things on Netflix for the rest of the night. 

Sun 10/29

Today was playoff time in the Rose Classics. Our 1st game was against Ring City. Since we won we had to stay and play again at 3:50. We won our 2nd game which was against Rockland Liberty. Now next Sunday we have the championship game against the Sparks. I ended my night by having dinner at Applebee’s with my mom and then we went home. Tomorrow back to school.

See you guys next week for entry 6. I’m looking forward to a fun week. We have playoff for the NY Cup on Saturday and the championship game on Sunday.