Tuesday, October 24, 2017



Hey guys 

Check out my week 4.

Monday 10/16

Today was a good day in school. Today in my Social Studies class, I had an essay assignment. I started my intro on my topic which is about John Adams. This essay is due next week Tuesday. I also had a test in my math class but my teacher didn’t tell us our grade.  After school my grandpa came and pick me up and he took me to get cookies. I couldn’t go to any workouts today because I had a little more homework than usual. After my homework I studied and started to read my new book called Ugly. My mom came and picked me up and we went home. I had dinner and chatted with my mom about school and basketball until she saw the time and told me to shower and go to bed. 

Tuesday 10/17

This morning I woke up early to start getting ready for school. I ask my mom if we can go to Burger King to get some French toast sticks. After I got to school I seen my last years math teacher standing outside while she was on watch duty. We was talking about how was I doing so far in my honor classes. Today in my social studies class, I wrote two more paragraphs for my John Adams essay. I also had to start another essay about the book “The Giver” we was reading in my language arts class.  In my math we talked about bullying. My teacher asked things like what makes a bully, and what are some different types of bullying. After school my grandpa came to pick me up and went home. I made me a sandwich and did my homework. I wanted to go to the No Boyz Allowed semi-Finals but my mom came home a little later than usual. But guess what I made it to the basketball warehouse. I was a little late but came in time to join in the 1 lap around the block. After the warehouse I went home, showered ate dinner and getting in bed. 

Wednesday 10/18

Today I had an light day in school. Most of my classes we had to read our text books. I’m still waiting on math test grade from Monday. In my coding class, we received our new iPads which is loaded with some really cool apps. We are currently learning how to program a game. After school my grandpa took me to get some cookies and then drop me home. I only had math homework today which was kinda easy. At 4pm, my auntie drop me to my Cardinals teammate Toni grandmother job so I can ride with them to Rutgers Prep for training. After training we had to stay an extra hour for practice since we have games this weekend. It’s been awhile since our last Cardinal game but I’m so ready. My mom picked me up at 830 and we grabbed food from outside. When we got home we seen that I received my 1st marking period Interim report. It’s good to know that I’m passing all my classes. When I got home I had to get my things ready for the next day. 

Thurday 10/19

Today I had an ordinary day at school. After school my grandpa picked me up and we went to get food and went home. I did my homework and then read my book for an hour. After that I wanted to catch up on Riverdale. Since it started back up I haven’t had time to catch an episode. My mom picked me up around 7 and we headed to the basketball warehouse. Grace (Exodus teammate) was there too. I enjoy when she’s there because we motivate each other to keep pushing. Following the session, me and Grace stayed and put in a little extra work and did some drills with Lashae from The Patrick School and Mariah from Newark Tech. They was really cool. After the warehouse we stopped for food and went home. Showered and had to hurry to bed because it was late. 

Friday 10/21

Today in school in my social studies class we had a debate on the currents events one of my classmates reported. He stated that in Ohio a 3rd grader brought a loaded gun to school. Some kids thought the young child should be punished and said it was good that he was put in a juvenile center where others think the mom and dad in this case boyfriend should be punished. It was good debate. I had another test in my math, so hopefully I get both scores on Monday. Today my mom picked me up from school and we went home. We didn't do much because I know I have to be up early tomorrow for my game with the Cardinals. After I showered and ate I laid down.

Saturday 10/21

Today I had to be up and out the house no later than 830am to be early for my game. We won both games today. One of my trainers Coach Darryl took time out to come see me play. I also helped out the 7th grade Cardinals for the 1st half of both their games too. After the games, I left with my Cardinal teammate Toni and we went to Applebee’s. Then from there me, her, and Mackenzie went to the park. We ended playing a pick up game with some high school boys. My mom came and picked me up around 8 and we went home. I started to get ready for the next day and had to go to bed.

Sunday 10/22

Today we lost 1 and won 1. We played the Sparks and it was a really good game. We fell short 4 points. Today was our last game of the season until Spring. Sad I’m gonna miss my Cardinal family but I know next year we will come back stronger and harder. We went to get pizza and stayed at Toni house until my mom came to pick me up 730. Then I went home and had dinner, showered and went to bed. School tomorrow. 

This is my week 4. Looking forward to next weekend because playoff begins with Team Exodus.