Monday, October 2, 2017



Hey basketball community. My name is Aniyah Boston c/o 2023. I’m super excited and thankful that gthing Basketball is blessing me the opportunity to share with you all of some of things I do throughout my week. 

Monday 9/25

I woke up at 530 am to start my day with brushing my teeth and taking a shower. Today was picture day, so I was able to wear my new outfit my auntie Rose bought me yesterday. I start school at 745am, and learn some new things. Today I had a test in my honors science and honors history classes. School is dismissed at 245pm and my grandpa pick me up and we went to get to food then to my grandparents house. I did my homework then FaceTime my friend. My mom picked me up at 7 then we went home. I ate dinner, showered, and while laying down I decided to write in my journal about my day and will go to bed.

Tuesday 9/26

I woke up at 6am, washed my face, brush my teeth, got dressed and had breakfast. Today in my honors math class we learned how to multiply integers. My school also had a book fair where I was able to get 2 books called Ugly and Taken with the $10 my mom gave me. My grandpa was there to pick me up after school and we went home. I did my homework and read my book until my mom came to pick me up. I then went to a basketball workout in Plainfield with Coach Mike until 8:15pm. When I got home I ate dinner, showered and got ready for bed.

Wednesday 9/27

Today I woke at 6am to start my day with my usual routine of washing my face and brushing my teeth. My mom drop me to school a little earlier than usual. I had a good day today in school. For my test I took on Monday, I got an 90 on the science test and a 75 on the history test.  After school my grandpa picked me up and we went home. I had to do my homework before basketball. My aunt drop me to Rutgers Prep at 6pm for Fall training with Kristen Somogyi. My mom came and picked me up at 730 and we stop my the gym at the No boyz allowed league in Elizabeth. Tonight I’m staying with my grandparents because my mom have to work early. I had dinner and showered and layed down in bed. 

Thursday 9/28

Today I was up at 530am and started my day with washing my face and brushing my teeth. My grandpa took me to get breakfast and then dropped me to school. I didn’t stay in school all day today because I had a dr appt. Before my mom came to pick me up I was learning how to divide integers. After my dr appt, I went with my mom to get her hair done, and while I waited for her I did my homework. I then went to my strength and conditioning Trainer Robert for an hour. After that my mom took me home and I had dinner, showered and layed down reading my book Taken until I fell asleep. 

Friday 9/29

My mom woke me up today 6am. I washed my face brushed my teeth and got dressed. In school we didn’t do much because it was Friday. I did have a test in my honors math class and got an 86.  After school my grandpa picked me up and we went to the park where I played basketball with my friends. Later on I then went to a Linden HS football game with my sister and we hung out with our friends. After the game I went and spent the night at my sister house. 

Saturday 9/30

My mom came to pick me up early because I had a game to get ready for with team Exodus. I went home showered and then we left to head to Brooklyn. We won both games today in the Rose Classic and NY Cup league. After the games me and my mom stopped at a pizzeria in Manhattan n had some good pizza and headed back to NJ. Later that evening my mom gave me money so that I can go to the movies with my sister and our friend from school. The movie till death do us part was so good. After the movie I went home and relaxed.