Tuesday, October 17, 2017



Hey guys, here’s week 3 of my “Diary of a Female baller” hope you enjoy..

Monday 10/9

Today I didn’t have school due to a “Teachers Workshop”, so I was able to sleep late. My grandma woke me up around 9 in the morning so I can go out with my grandpa for breakfast.  After breakfast we came back to the house and I read a chapter out of my book “The Giver”.  I then ended up falling back to sleep until my mom called and told my grandma not to be letting me sleep during the day lol so I had to wake up. I watched Netflix until my mom came to pick me up. Today was my off day so I didn’t have any basketball workouts to attend. I went home and just relaxed until it was time to eat dinner, shower, and go to bed.

Tuesday 10/10

Today I woke up at 530 to get ready for school. My mom drops me off at 7 everyday to school where I have time to either chat with some friends or go to any teacher for extra help. In the beginning of the school year I signed up for the stage crew club and today I found out I’m captain of the ushers for The Adams Family play.  Today I received a lot of homework, so after school my grandpa took me straight home to start it so I can be finished early. At 730 my mom took me over to the basketball warehouse. Tonight was a great workout, by 9pm although my mom was ready to go I wasn’t ready to leave.. A few of us stayed about 15 mins extra  just to get some shots up. I’m already looking forward to Thursday night at the warehouse. After the warehouse I went home and started to get ready for tmrw. 

Wednesday 10/11

Today I didn’t get up so early like I normally do. I slept until 615, and started my day by getting ready for school. I didn’t have any tests in any of my core classes, but in science we talked about a project we will be starting soon. In gym we was allowed to play any sport of our choice and I chose soccer. My gym teacher asked did I play soccer outside and I told her no and she told me next year I should try out for soccer because I was good at it. After school my grandpa came and picked me up and we went to get ice cream. After my ice cream, I was dropped off to my Cardinal teammate Toni house so we can ride together to Cardinal Fall training with Coach Somogyi. We worked hard at tonight’s training and I can’t wait until my next game with my Cardinal Family on the 22nd. After training on the way home we stopped and grab food. When I got home all I had to do was shower and go to bed.

Thursday 10/12

Today I missed school because I had a dentist appointment. Soon I will be getting braces and I really hope I can get them in color because I want purple which is my favorite by the way. Before I went to the dentist, I went to IHOP with my mom, grandpa, and auntie. After breakfast my mom dropped them off and took me back home so I can brush my teeth again before we headed to the dentist. We ended being there for 3 hours. After my appointment, I went home and relaxed until 6 and headed over to the No Boyz Allowed League to see SJV VS IC Lodi.. I didn’t see the ending because I had to leave early to make it to the basketball warehouse on time.  Always a good workout when I go there. After the workout I went home and had dinner, showered, and started to get ready for bed. 

Friday 10/13

Today is Friday the 13th most say it’s a bad day but I look at it as another day. I woke up kind of early. I started to get ready for school and she drop me off at 7.  Classes started at 745 so I had to time to chat with my friends. Today in school I had a math test which I think I did pretty good. I get my grade next week and will let you guys know. After school my grandpa came and picked me up and took me back to the house. My mom later then picked me up and she dropped me to the movies to meet my friends. We went to go see Happy Death Day. That movie was sooo good but was one of those movies you can tell who is the killer. After the movies we all went to Burger King and then my mom picked me up from there. I had to get ready for tomorrow because I have a game in NY, so after my shower I went right to sleep. 

Saturday 10/14

I woke up and had breakfast and started to get ready so we can leave to head to Brooklyn for the Rose Classic. Today we (Exodus) played against two 8th grade teams, although we went 1-1 we played really really tough. After the games we headed back to NJ. After I got home I had to start my application for a Scholar program that I’m trying to get into next year called the NJ Seeds. The process includes answering 2 out of 5 questions and to pick a HS out of the list they gave me and research that HS and write a five paragraph essay about how my first would be.  I started my research but haven’t finish now I’m going to get ready for bed and just gonna relax until I fall asleep because I have practice 930 in the morning. 

Sunday 10/15

Today I had Exodus practice and stayed there until 130pm. I learned alot and bonded with my teammates today. After practice I headed home and relaxed while my mom cooked. One of my old coaches from travel rec called and ask if I wanted to play a scrimmage at 6pm so of course I said yes. I was playing with my old travel rec team against an 8th grade team and we ended up winning. Im now home and my mom ordered pizza for us and we talked about basketball. Although my mom is strict when it comes to school, she can be cool too and is my #1 FAN. 

This is my week 3 wrap up, see you guys next week.