Tuesday, May 13, 2014



Monday - Today I played basketball in the gym after school. First I played 2 on 2 with my brother and his friends. It was fun. Later on went home and rode my bike for a little while.

Tuesday - This evening I had practice. It was run practice. We did a lot fun dribbling and shooting drills.

Wednesday - Today I had a scrimmage for the Belles. My team and I did okay. I thought we should hustled more and made better passes.

Thursday - Today was practice for the Belles. We worked on our defense and and did some shooting drills.

Friday - Today I woke up, got ready for school, ate breakfast. Then I prayed fajr. After that I just waited for the bus to come. Today I got my English test back and got a 93% on it. I was really happy. After school I walked to the store with my brother. Then chilled with my friends. Later on I went home and watched a basketball documentary called the fab 5 with my brother and dad. It was a nice documentary. 

Saturday - This morning around 9:15 I had a basketball game for the Belles and we played against the Maryland Belles. We lost but I thought they were a great team. They had some nice point guards and some nice shooters on there team. After our game I some other good basketball games. Later on it was time for our second game. We lost against the Crossover 9th grade team by 15 points. I thought my team and I did good. We hustle a lot more and boxed out good. In that game I had 7 points, 2 blocks, 5 assists and 4 steals.

Sunday - Today at 9:15 again. We played against the 1 on none team. We won that game by 23 points. I thought that was a great game. My team and I played very good. At the end of that game I had 8 points, 4 assist, and 6 steals. After that game I hung out with my teammates. We went to the hotel for a little while , then went to Starbucks. Later on we went back to the gym and rested  before our next game. We played at 2:15pm against the Crossover 8th grade team. We won by 3 points.  We did good, we hustle a lot at the end to keep us in that game. I thought I should of played defense a little better that game. I fouled out within the last 4 minutes left. But my team and I had a great weekend. We went 2-2 and went 3rd place in our bracket.

         Signing Off: May Money