Tuesday, May 20, 2014



Monday - Today in the gym, I just worked on my jump shot. After that went home and did my math homework. Later on I just watched TV and ate dinner.

Tuesday - Today I had basketball practice. It was a fun practice. We did two ball dribbling drills, worked on our shooting and then at the end played 3 on 3.

Wednesday - This afternoon I rode my bike with my brothers and sisters at the park. Later on when I got tired from riding my bike, I just dribbled the ball for a little while. After that went home, ate dinner and did my chores.

Thursday - This evening I had basketball practice for the Belles. We had a good practice. Worked on our press break, we did some 1 on 1 drills, played 5 on 5, then ate the end we play a basketball game called Sike. It was a fun game. 

Friday - Today school was fun. In the gym played knock out with my brother and his friends. It was funny and fun. After school went home played 2k14. Then later I watched the Kevin Durant MVP speech. It was a nice speech he made.

Saturday - This morning ate breakfast, then watched TV and prayed my Salats. After that cleaned up my room, and got dress. Later on I wen to my cousins house for a little while. Then went to the store with my mom.

Sunday - Today wasn't a busy day. This morning woke up prayed, then ate some breakfast. Later on just played on my xbox and finished my math homework.

Signing Off: May "Money" Sharif