Thursday, February 20, 2020

Diary Of A Female Baller: Lauryn Swann 24' Teaneck, NJ - Valley Stream North School - NJ Sparks - Entry #7

 Lauryn & Zahra King

Hello basketball world, I'm back with my week 7 Diary.

Monday 1/10 

Today we play the best team in our conference and it’s our last game of the season. Last time we played them I played terrible and we lost by 32. I told my friend that if I don’t score 30 he could slap me really hard. That motivated me because I don’t like getting hit. The whole team was really sad because the season went by extremely fast and we didn’t want it to end. We decided to give this game our all and leave it all on the court. The day went on and I was getting more nervous for the game and more sad that the season was about to end. When school ended I hung out with my friends for a little bit then got ready for the game. I felt good warming up because my shots were falling and so were my falling. I was gonna put my all into this game because it’s last game of the season and I wanted to make it memorable. We start off our game hitting majority of our shots and we were up in the 1st quarter. Everyone was getting hype and we kept feeding off their energy and held the lead. It got close during the fourth quarter but me and my teammate hit some clutch free throws at the end to put us up by 5 and then that was it. Our season was over and we went out with a dub. We upset the best team in our conference and we had cupcakes to celebrate. I went to bed really happy.

Tuesday 2/11

I went to bed really late last night so it took me a long time to get ready for school so thank god I have my hair braided up so it didn’t take me as long as it normally would to get ready. I was happy at school the whole day from last nights win. The school day went by faster than usual. After school I went into the locker room and normally there’s at least two of my teammates in there but there was no one there and it made me sad because it hit me that our season was over. I went to train with Jerry right after school but I was late so he made me train with one of the other trainers but we still put some good work in. We worked on different combo moves into different variations of pull ups and counter moves. After the workout I went home and fell asleep.

Wednesday 2/12
I got ready for school today but I couldn’t find my ID so once I finally found it, I was going to be late. I made it to class 5 seconds before the first bell rang thank god. After school I had to finish my English project that was due on Friday. Last week I missed two days of school so I was really behind so it took me way longer than it was suppose to finish the project. After I finished my project I went to train with Jerry then I went home and went to bed.

Thursday 2/13 

Today is going to be really boring because I have nothing planned today. I went through my normal day at school. 9th period we had a sub and we fooled around on the computers the whole time and relaxed. I got all my homework done that period so the rest of my day was free. When I got home I relaxed and worked on my ball handling in the basement. I studied for a little bit then went to sleep.

Friday 2/14 

Today was the last day before break so I was excited and got ready for school fast. I through on jeans and a hoodie and got to school quick. Everyone was in a good mood since we were about to have a whole week off. The day went by fast. We didn’t do much in any of our classes and no one assigned any homework. After school me and my friends went to the Library because they were playing love and basketball. After the movie my friend gave me a ride home and I worked on my ball handling for a while then went to sleep.

Saturday 2/15 

Today was a day to rest my body and I did nothing at all. I slept majority of the day and played around with my dog Nike. 

Sunday 2/16 

I went to Jerry's today and we worked on a lot of stuff. I was there for three hours then I went to my grandmothers house and relaxed there for a while. While we were at my grandmas house, I taught my mom and my aunt a dance called the renegade which was really funny. They looked crazy and it made my grandma laugh a lot. After hanging out there I went to watch Christ the King play on their senior night. It was a good game but the other team won the game. After the game my mom was talking with the CTK coaches, me and my friend Zahra started making tiktoks in the hallway. After the game I went home and then went to sleep.