Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Diary Of A Female Baller: Hannah Hidalgo 2023 Merchantville, NJ (New Jersey Sparks) Entry #1

Hannah & Bre Stewart

Hello Basketball People, This Is Hannah Signing Into Entry #1 With My Diary Of A Baller

Monday - Today I got up and ate a hard broiled egg, got dressed, and left for school. Once in the car I have morning worship with my dad and my brothers. When I arrived at school I went to before care, the bell rings at 8:15 and I went to my classes. My first class is civics, next class is science, then break, followed by English, pre-algebra, lunch, Bible, Latin, and finally gym. After school was done, I went and got ready to go to the weight room. I did wall jumps, side jumps, toe raises with the heavy ball, tuck jumps, defensive slides with bands, and vertical jumps with bands. I did each of those for 1 minutes then I took a 30 second break. I was in the weight room from 3 to 4 then I go to the gym with my dad's high school boys team. I stretch for about two minutes then we start working out. In the workout I did v-cut rip through lay-up, v-cut jab-step, pull up 3, defensive slides, post move, 3 on 3, and then I finished out the practice with 10 and 1. After the workout I went home with my dad and brothers, ate dinner that mom cooked and then relaxed for the evening until it was time for bed.

Tuesday - I followed the same morning routine everyday, wake up have a hard broiled egg, get ready for school, get in the car, and then have morning worship. Although my classes do not change I had a wonderful surprise today when I was skipped from pre-algebra to algebra. I was so excited Now I have the same math class as my older brother so if I need any help he is right there to help me as he is real good in math. I went to all of my classes and then I got prepared to work out. Today was a little different. Instead of going to the weight room I went worked out in on the court for 2 hours. Normally my dad works us out but since he gets off late on Tuesday the assistant coach worked us out. In the workouts we stretched, did defensive slides, we did sprints, two-ball dribbling drills, v-cuts, worked on reverse pivot, jab steps and lay-up. Then we worked on post moves, Although I am not the tallest person in the gym I always work on every-part of my game and it is important for me to rebound so post moves are important. We finished out the practice with 10 and 1. Before practice ends we meet in the center of the court and my dad discussed the practice and we finish out with prayer. I then went to finish my homework while my dad worked out. Once he was finished we went home, ate dinner that mom cooked and then relaxed until it was time to go to bed. 

Wednesday - I followed the same morning routine as usual. arrived at school at 7:40 Since I go to a Christian school they have a Wednesday night Bible study so we are not allowed to use the gym. Then we are in the weight room from 3 to 4. In the weight room I did wall jumps for 2 minutes then I got a 30 second break and then I did another set of wall jumps for 2 minutes. Then we stretched did tuck jumps, side jumps, jump flinches with heavy ball, toe raises, sprints with bands, defensive slides with band, and then vertical jumps with bands. On Wednesdays we are not supposed to have homework but my teacher gave us some anyway so when I got home I finished my homework, then I have dinner with the family and chilled for the rest of the evening.

Thursday - I followed the same morning routine. I went to all of my classes and it was a good day. After school I went to the gym. We did two and one-ball dribbling drills, full court lay-up, defense slides, we jogged around the gym 4 times, we did v-cuts, reverse pivots, jab-step lay up, post work. 3 on 3, then we finished the practice with 10 and 1s. If you don't make the time however many seconds you are off is how many sprints you have to do on the sideline or sometimes my dad does whoever the last three has to run again, I was tired a couple of times and I was the third to the last person and I had to run again. After practice so went right home. Today I had Latin, Math, English, and Civics for homework but it is all do on Tuesday. After I finished my homework I ate dinner and then I rested until it was time to go to bed.  

Friday - Today I followed the same morning routine. All upper class went on class trips. My class went to the Penn Museum we saw rocks, mummies and all different types of ancient artifacts. We got back to the school at 2:30 and because everyone went on trips today we didn't have workouts , so I just waited for my brother to get back from his trip which took about an hour for him to return. When I got home I played on my Ps4 for about an hour then I had to go to sleep earlier than usual because tomorrow was going to be a big day. 

Saturday - I got up really early then followed the same morning routine. The reason why I had to get up so early is because I had to be in N.Y to play with my coach , Chez , and the 16u EYBL Sparks team in the rose league. In the first game we started off a little slow but we ended up beating the team by a lot. In the second game is wasn't easy at all . There was this one girl who was shooting from way beyond the three, she was pretty good and ended up bringing her team the victory . It was tough to lose by only 2 points but we didn't let that get in the way of our last game. We once again started off slow and the other team took that opportunity to take the league. We ended up getting ourselves together and winning by at least 15 points. After my games I went and ate at Dallas BBQ . When I got home I played the game for about an hour then I went right to sleep. 

Sunday - Today I got up followed the same morning routine . I had to get up really early again because I had to head to somersaut to participate in the Rising Blue Star camp. We got there a little late , but not to late, I got dressed and headed to the center of the court where they were talking. They started off the camp with stretching then they broke us up , half stayed upstairs then half went down stairs. We did full court layups , 3 man weave, 4 man weave, 5 man weave, 3 on 2, then they dismissed us for lunch. They only gave us 30 minutes for lunch so me and my mom quickly ran out to lunch. When we got back WNBA player Brianna Steward came in and talked to us for about 25 to 30 minutes. They broke us up again then we stretched again. After we where done stretching we started playing. We did 1 on 1 , 3 on 3 , and we finished out the camp with 5 on 5. They talked to us and after they were done talking they gave us a shirt. After the camp we stopped at Panera bread to get food then I headed home and relaxed.