Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Diary Of A Female Baller: Hannah Hidalgo 2023 Merchantville, NJ Entry #3

Hannah & Kelsey

Hello basketball people, I'm signing back in.

Monday: Today I did my daily routine I got up, got ready and ate a hard boiled egg. When I was done I waited to go to school. I normally get to school before it opens so I just relax. When they open the school I proceed to the following classes: civics, science, English, Math, lunch ,Latin then gym . After those classes I went and got ready for my workouts. In workouts I stretched, did two ball dribbling drills, defensive slides, jab step shot, v-cut one dribble 3, then we worked on some post moves. The last two things we did where 3 on 3 and 10 in 1’s. After the 10 in 1’s we meet in the middle, have prayer then leave. After practice I came home did my homework then relaxed the rest of the day.

Tuesday: Today I got up and did my daily morning routine. When I got to school I waited for them to open the school then I went to my normal classes. After school was over I went and got ready for workouts. At workouts today we started off with some stretches then we got into some two ball dribbling drills, after the drills we did jab step layup, jab step reverse layup, then we did some three on three on three, the loser had to do a penalty. After the game we did 10 in 1’s then we met in the middle to talk and pray then we left. Then we went home and I finished my homework. After I finished my homework I relaxed the rest of the day.

Wednesday: Today I got up and did my daily routine. After school we are not allowed to use the gym, because my school is a Christian school and they have Wednesday night bible study. So we went to the weight room. In the weight room we did four corners, wall jumps , side jumps, toe raises , one leg side jumps, and then we finished with one leg vertical jumps. After workouts I had to wait for my dad to finish working out so while he was working out I just finished my homework. When he was done I went home and relaxed the rest of the day.

Thursday: Today I did my daily routine then I left for school. After school I went and got dressed for workouts, in workouts we did stretches, Two ball dribbling drills, defensive slides, we did another defense of drills where the coach will roll a tennis ball out and you would have to slide to get it, then we worked on some jump shots, three-man weave, five-man weave, three on three, then last we did 10 in 1’s . After practice we met in the middle and discussed the practice then we prayed and left. When I got home I did my homework and study for my quizzes and test the next day. After I was done studying I eat and relax the rest of the day.

Friday: Today was spirit day so we dressed up in our school colors. It was just like a regular day so I proceeded to my regular classes. After school instead of having workouts my school has a football game in the whole school participated. We played flag football until about 8 o’clock so I was there the whole day and didn’t do any homework that day. After the flag football game I went home and watched my brother play on his PS4 for a little bit. The rest of the day I relaxed.

Saturday: Today I got up pretty late, but when I got up I did my morning routine and relaxed until about 10. At 10 I got ready for basketball practice. I got the practice a little bit late and right when I walked in my coach was already screaming at me. When I got there we did three-man weave, three on two -two on one, after the three on two two on one we did a drill where you would have to get up and down the floor six times with the basketball in 22 seconds. I always make the time, but the people who didn’t make the time had to do a penalty so we had to do them as a team. We worked on our plays, then we did some 5 on 5. After the workouts a few people came over my house and hung out for a bit. After they left I relax the rest of the day.

Sunday: Today I got up early, because I had a game what’s the belles. The first game I came a little late, but we still ended up beating the team by a lot. The second game was a little tougher than the first game, and the girls were bigger, But we still ended up with the win. After those two games I had to go to New York for my next two games. Before I left to New York I went to go pick up something to eat. When I got to New York I got ready to play. The first game was pretty easy, but we struggled in the beginning, but the team wasn’t really that good we just had to warm up. The second game was the toughest game yet we had to play exodus. Exodus started off with the lead right when they scored they went on a run and didn’t stop scoring, by half time they were beating us by 12 then we got our act together and started playing. We just went on a run and they just couldn’t stop us when we started pressing they started turning the ball over. With two minutes left in the game it was tied up and exodus made some crucial turnovers and we scored off of almost every turnover they made. They got a tech because of the coaches, and Zoe hit both of her free throws then we were up by two. When we got the ball back We turn the ball over and they were out for a fast break, but I came behind the girl and stole the ball and the game is over. We ended up beating exodus by 4 points. After the game I got in the car and headed home. When I got home I relaxed and then went to bed.