Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Diary Of A Female Baller: Zoey Brooks 23' (Holy Savior Academy Middle School) Plainfield, NJ / New Jersey Sparks Entry #8

Zoe & Jada

What’s up? This is Zoe Brooks aka Baby Storrs. I’m a 5-foot-7 combo guard for the New Jersey Sparks (Class of 2023) and here are some of the things I do on and off the court on a daily basis.

Monday, May 28
I had a lazy Memorial Day. I sat around watching TV, playing video games and talking on the phone. I did get a little bit of exercise in when me and my parents went for a mile walk in the park. After that, we ate dinner and I watched my favorite basketball player in the world Kevin Durant help the Warriors beat the Rockets in the playoffs.
Tuesday, May 29
After three days off, I had to go back to school. The fourth marking period is coming to a close so I’m really on my grind to make sure my grades are where they need to be. After school I went to Lifetime with my dad. My friend Ciera was there so I shot around with her for a while before doing some cardio, crunches, pullups and core exercises.
Wednesday, May 30
Today was tough. I did an hour workout with my trainer Eric and then had Sparks practice. The head coaches had a meeting so one of the assistant coaches Kanisha ran practice. We did way more pushups and running than normal. Although I was tired, it was a good practice. One of my friends Jessica who left our team a few months ago was at practice. She’s playing with us again.
Thursday, May 31
I had a great workout with Eric after school. Although I don’t always feel like training, once I get to EMB I enjoy it because I know he is helping me get better and we have some fun. When I got home, me and my mom worked out with the resistance bands and medicine ball.
Friday, June 1
I got some good news. I received an invitation to the Rites of Passage which my dad tells me is a big showcase in Maryland. According to him I didn’t get invited last year. I don’t pay attention to all that stuff but it is cool to be invited. We had Sparks practice later that night.
Saturday, June 2
We had the Rose Classic playoffs in Brooklyn today. We were playing the 8th grade Magic from Pennsylvania and they were undefeated. Right when the game was about to start, Kyrie Irving from the Celtics walked in the gym and everyone got so hype. It was pretty cool that he sat behind the scorer’s table and watched our game. I started off slowly and we were down double digits at halftime. Me and my teammate Gabby heated up in the second half and we tied the game with a minute to go. They made more plays than we did down the stretch and we loss.
Sunday, June 3
The Sparks fifth grade team was short a couple of players so my dad had my little cousin Jada who lives in Delaware come up and play with them this weekend. I missed her games on Saturday but went to her game on Sunday at Kean. She got buckets. I think in three games she had 26, 17 and 15 points and they won all of the games. Speaking of winning, the Sparks 8th grade won the junior division and our 17 EYBL team which is coached by Coach Chez won the high school division at the Rose. I ended the day by going over my friend Derrick’s house and playing basketball with him and my other good friend Jett.