Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Diary Of A Female Baller: Emily LaPointe 19' (Staten Island Academy, NY Manhattan Committed) Entry #8

Emily & Family

Hey this is Em checking out of my last 
week of a Diary Of A Female Baller its 
been fun. 

Monday March 26th

This morning I woke up and went to the gym. When I came home from working out my dad and I went to a basketball gym so I can workout and put some shots up. Next week I am getting back to Hoops America to begin training again. I was supposed to leave for California tomorrow with two of my friends, but one of them got really sick and I had to cancel my flight at 10:30pm. 

Tuesday March 27th

Because my trip had to be cancelled, my mom decided to take me to New Jersey to go shopping. We went to Menlo Mall and shopped for a couple of hours. When I came home, I went to the gym to shoot and work on my ball handling. When I came home my friend came over for a little to hangout and than I got an early night sleep. 

Wednesday March 28th

This afternoon I went to a party at my friends house. After the party, my friend Maxine and I went to get something to eat. I came home and took a nap and than got up and got to working on my game. I spent the night with my family, watching movies and TV shows. 

Thursday March 29th

For most of the morning, I worked on basketball and training. After I finished working out, I went out to eat with a couple of my friends. We hung out for a while and than I went home and just relaxed. 

Friday March 30th

Today was a lazy day. I went to the gym and hung around my house until night. My best friend Maxine came over and we watched the girls semi-finals game. I was hyped that Notre Dame won, they really deserved it. 

Saturday March 31st

Today was a really fun day. My friend from school turned 17th today, and as a way of celebrating, she invited a couple of her friends to dinner at a place called The Tuck Room in the city. We went to dinner and watched the boys semi-finals games while we were there.

Sunday April 1st

This morning my family and I had a nice breakfast for Easter Sunday. We went to Church at 1:30. I have a lot of blessings in my life, so it is always good to praise and thank God. After mass I went to my uncles, my dad’s brothers house. We spent Easter with my family and it was a great time. At night we watched the Notre Dame and Mississippi Game.