Monday, February 12, 2018

 Diary Of A Female Baller: Emily LaPointe 2019 (Staten Island Academy, NY) Entry #1

Emily & Liz Althoff

Hey Basketball world, this Emily LaPointe and this is my first
week of a Diary Of A Female Baller. So follow me for the next 
8 weeks to see what I'm doing.

Monday February 5th 

Today was a very calm day in school. We had a dress down so I was able to wear comfortable clothes to school which is always a good thing on a Monday morning. When I first got to school I used some of my study periods to catch up on some homework. The only test I had today was a pop quiz in math. I had practice after school, where my team went over some new plays, our offense, and defensive help rotations. We had to get prepared for out game against Elmont tomorrow. We did break down drills towards the end of practice so I was able to get a lot of shots up. 

Tuesday February 6th 

Today was a great day! It was game day so I was really excited to play. It was a normal day in school. I did not have any tests today so I was able to focus and get in game mode. When school ended I got straight into the gym and started warming up for my game against Elmont. They got stuck in traffic so instead of starting our game at 4:30, we began at 5:30. My team won and I played well. I had 13 points and 8 assists. 

Wednesday February 7th

It was another stress free day in school today! I did not have any test, quizzes, or projects due today. I used the free time that I had in school to complete a homework early so I was able to get extra points. I did not have practice today so I gave my body a day to relax and spend some time with my family. 

Thursday February 8th

Today I worked on a group project in my Latin class. School was busy because I had a full day of classes. I had practice from 5:15-7. We spent most of the practice preparing for our game on Saturday against Moore Catholic. It is our first time playing an island team so it should be really intense and exciting.

Friday February 9th

Tonight was my cousins surprise birthday party! She turned 16 yesterday so I am hoping that this birthday is really special for her! After school I worked out by myself for a while. I put up some shots and worked on my ball handling. After that I got ready and went to the restaurant! She was so surprised! 

Saturday February 10th

This morning I got up early, around 7 am. I woke up and went shooting with my dad and trainer to get ready for my game tonight at 7pm. After shooting I went home ate some breakfast and took a nap. I got into my game mode and headed to the gym around 6pm. We won the game by 30 points. I finished with 19 points and 10 assists! To celebrate, I went to one of my teammates Liz’s house! 

Sunday February 11th 

We had off from practice today, so I went to the gym with my dad and put some shots up. After that I had my SAT prep course for math and English. My family and I spent the rest of the day watching the island basketball teams play! I went home and studied for my Anatomy test and AP European quiz.