Thursday, January 25, 2018

Diary Of A Female Baller: Skye Owen 2022 (Staten Island, New Jersey) Entry #9

Coach Welch, Jordan Nixon, Cassidy Roberts, Kaia Harrison, & Skye 

Skye Owen

Hey Basketball World,

I am back!!!

This is my 9th edition to Diary of a Female Baller

Enjoy the journey!!!!

Monday 1/15/18

I was off of school because it was Martin Luther King Jr. day. A holiday that is celebrated all over the country. It was nice to have a 3 day weekend because sometimes after being in school to long without a break the days start to mush together. I still had homework online even though I didn’t have school. So I finished that up then went to breakfast with my family. After that we went to the mall and walked around the mall to buy a coat for my cousin. When that was over I went to the gym to workout. It was another great workout.

Tuesday 1/16/18

Tuesday it was back to school. It was nice to see my school friends again. Since it was the first day back the day went by very fast. It was the first day of midterms and it was the religion midterm. The midterm went well because I had been studying. When the test was over I studied for tomorrow’s midterm and for all of my homework completed. After school I went to workout with my trainer. It was a good workout with new drills and conditioning things. After i worked out with my trainer, i went to the gym to get a few games in against some of the High School boys. This gives me an opportunity to work on some things I practiced with my trainer. We played a few games of 5 on 5. When I got back home I called my brother we spoke for a little and that was nice. It was great speaking with him and catching up. He is away in college.

Wednesday 1/17/18

On Wednesday the day went by fast again. We had gym in the morning which was fun and then after that we started our next midterm. Midterm week is not too bad because it’s kind of gives you a chance to recap on all you’ve done so far in the school year. It nice to have 2 midterms completed. When school was over I went to work out with my trainer again and had yet another great workout. After that I went to practice with my school team.

Thursday 1/18/18

I had an early morning appointment at one of the schools that I am considering attending. The school is a very good academic school with a good team. I had to meet and interview with 4 of the faculty members. The interview was to complete the process for an academic scholarship. I think the interviews went great. All of the faculty members seem to have been very impressed with me. They asked some very good and challenging questions but of course I was on top of my game. All of the faculty members were very nice and pretty smart. After my interviews were done, I went back to my middle school. On Thursday day, school was back to full affect. Not only did we have another midterm but we also had homework. It was a pretty short day. After school, I hung around to get my homework done and study for my next midterm. Once I was done studying, I went to workout with my trainer. We did more new and old drills. we did some great drills. Of course when I was done with that I did some strength and conditioning work as usual.

Friday 1/19/2018

Friday was a good day. I had a midterm in the morning. I think I did excellent on my midterm. I was well prepared. After school, I went and worked out with my trainer. The workout was great and very intense. He is always challenging to get better and pushing me to go harder during the drills. After my workout, I went home to relax, watch a little TV, and get something to eat. I had an evening game with my middle school team. We won the game.
Saturday 1/20/2018

On Saturday , once I woke up, I had breakfast and got ready to attend a High school game of one of the schools that I may potentially go to. I went because I wanted to see if my style  of play will fit in with what they do. I got an opportunity to speak with the head coach as well as the assistant coach. They currently have a very good team. One of the girls recently was selected to the McDonald’s All-American game. They are also a very good academic school. After the game, I met up with a bunch of my friends to go roller skating at the local rink. We had a great time and roller skate for about 2 hours . Once we were done, we went to a restaurant and had some pizza . We had a great time skating and having dinner. We laughed and joked around a lot.

Sunday 1/21/2018

I had to get up early to go workout with my AAU team( IEXCEL) And coach Walter Welsh. Coach really works us hard and is tough on us at the same time. He is always challenging us to get better. He wants to make sure that we do well during the AAU season in front of the college coaches. At practice, I make sure  to go up against Jordan Nixon (McDonald’s All-American 2018). It’s good going against other good players. After practice, I attended the New York Coast 2 Coast Girls Middle school showcase event. This is my third year attending this event. Its some of the best Middle School ball players from across the country. As usual it was a great event attended by 100 kids. I went hard and did my thing. After the game, I was highlighted and interviewed as one of the games Top performers.