Wednesday, January 17, 2018


Skye, Jordan Nixon, Kaia Harrison

Hey Basketball World,

I hope you enjoy my latest edition #8 of Diary of a Female Baller .

Enjoying The Journey!!!

Skye’s “The Limit” Owen

Monday 1/8/18

Monday was a good day. My school had the kids in the school take map tests. Which are assessment tests for the kids. Last year my school had the highest test scores on the test. We take the test on chromebooks. We spent most of the day doing that which was okay. Everyone was nervous because we were suppose to be getting letters from the high schools that the tachs test scores got sent to. After school, I went to the gym to workout. It was a great workout. I also played a few games against the high school boys that were in the gym.They try to guard me tough but they cannot stay in front of me. My team won all of the games. It was great.
Tuesday 1/9/18

We had a visitor at my school, so everyone was on their best behavior. I have Violin practice every Tuesday at my school. My instructor is getting a little stressed because there is a concert coming up soon. I am sure it will be fine and we will sound great. Once school was over, I hung around one of the classrooms to complete my homework. I also started reviewing for my midterms, which I have next week. After I finished reviewing, I had a meeting with my book club. I joined the book club in the beginning of the year. We pick a book, read it and then come together as a group and discuss it. There are about 8 of us in the book club.After book club, I went to the gym to catch up with my trainer and do some drill work. It was a great workout as usual. He had me doing a lot of running in order to build my stamina. I also worked on my jump shot. He made sure I got a lot of shots up.

Wednesday 1/10/18

 In math we did a lot of work to prepare for the math midterm. I am very comfortable with the material. We also did some review for the Religion mid-term as well. I stayed after school to complete my homework and also do some more review for my upcoming midterms. After I finished my review, I went to the gym to work out Once the games ended, I had to go to a practice for my school team. I had to arrive early for individual and team pictures. Once we were done taking pictures, it was time for practice to begin.

Thursday 1/11/18

Thursday was a good day. My class spent the entire morning working on reading comprehension. I got to leave school early because I had an orthodontist appointment. When that was over, I went to go workout with my trainer. It was a great workout. I got some ball handling done and working on finishing around the rim through contact. He is always challenging me to get better. When I was finished working out with my trainer, I had to go to a game with my school. We won the game. After the game, I hung out with a few of my teammates. We laughed a lot and talked about what happened in school that day.

Friday 1/12/18

 My school had a class trip to the movies. Most of the grades went on the trip. Each class had their own theater. We watched the movie” wonder” which was kind of sad. In the movie the kids around the main character bully him because of his differences. He  had to undergo many surgeries in order keep him alive. He had gone through so many surgeries that his family had a ritual for every surgery. The movie was pretty long. It also took us awhile to return to the school. By the time we got back to school it was lunchtime, so all my class did was eat lunch and then we had a social studies midterm review which was very helpful. When school was over I went to go work out with my trainer and than went to the rec. center to play against the boys. My team won the championship game.

Saturday 1/13/18

I got up early and went to a restaurant with my family and had a breakfast. After that I went to the gym to workout. When I was done working out I met my brother and cousin at the mall. We spent a good portion of the day at the mall, window shopping. I went back to the house to hang out with my brother. He is going back to school on Tuesday, so I would like to spend as much time with him before he has to go back to school. When the evening came around, We went to my favorite restaurant and had dinner. My brother and cousin are graduating this year. As we ate, we talked about there plans for school. It was great hearing all about their future plans. My brother is graduating from college this but he has another year of basketball eligibility and will graduate with his MBA. My cousin is currently working on her masters at a great school.  

Sunday 1/14/18

On Sunday, I had to get up early to go work out with my AAU coach Walter Welsh. It was a great practice. We went over some things that we did last week as well as a lot of new things. He wants to make sure that we are prepared for the upcoming AAU season. Once practice was over, I had a few of my friends come by house to hang out. We watched TV and played some games.