Monday, June 26, 2017



Hello Basketball World, this is Kayla checking in for Week 3.

Monday - Last week of school. I did my strength and conditioning workout early so I could get home and rest. The rain was on and off today so I worked out under a gazebo type thing in the park. I had the rest of my day off, no basketball today. I got home, took a shower and rested.

Tuesday - We had our last field trip for the school today to the NY Hall Of Science. It was very interesting, I was very sleepy so as soon as I got home I took a nap before my speed and agility workout. Speed and agility was very tiring and by the end of the workout my whole entire body was aching. We worked on some balance and hand in eye coordination drill Since my regular trainer Tarik is out of town, I'm headed back to NY to workout with Team Footprintz. The workout was fun, training with older female players.

Wednesday - These last three days off school are half days. Today I left early to go to Easton, PA for a camp ran by Marcus Brown. When I got there it was already time to start playing 5 on 5 games. I saw some familiar faces there along with my coaches: Coach Chez and Coach Dee Dee, they were helping out run the camp with Marcus. I got into a groove quick and was attacking the basket. Every once in awhile, the girls would tell me I have good moves. I really wasn't shooting as much as I usually do. I had the rest of the day off since I got home late from
NY on Tuesday night.

Thursday - Today I got all my summer work and met my teachers for next year. I can't believe tomorrow makes me an official 8th grader. In speed and agility training, I did some new interesting drills with weighted medicine balls. I can already feel that I'm getting faster. I left training and went to workout with the 16u NJ Sparks Elite Team. Since they were already into their practice sets, I got some shots up and worked in ball handling with my dad on the side baskets. I was feeling a bit sore so I icee my legs that night.

Friday - LAST DAY OF SCHOOL. Finally this school year has come to an end and now it's summertime. I watched the 8th grade class graduate and soon realized that would be me this time next year. After graduation, I got all my awards and certificates for the year. On my final report card I only had 2 B’s in total all the rest were A’s. I'm highly proud of myself being that those B’s were in Spanish and Public Speaking and that they were high B averages. My mom picked me up and treated me to a new laptop after my last one broke. By time I got home, it was time for the St. John's Elite Camp in Queens. This camp was for high schoolers, but other than me and my two teammates there were a couple middle schoolers here and there. It was no surprise that I saw Q Hoopie that played with the Sparks there coaching along with her fellow teammates. I was kinda surprised that she remembered me from me being around her at practices and tournaments. I learned some new things at the camp and loved it.

Saturday - No games today, but we do have a late practice in preparation for tomorrow’s games. I hanged out with my mom for the whole entire day.It was a light practice, simple drills and went over our plays, defense, press and press breaks.

Sunday - My games are at 10 and 1 today at the Jr. Rucker tournament in NY. We won both games, blowing out both teams. I am used to working out in the hot sun, so I was able to adjust to playing outside today in the 80 degree temperature. I played ok in both games, but I was missing some layups I weren't supposed to. I have no excuse because I train to make contact layups with or without the foul call.