Monday, June 12, 2017



Hello Basketball, World my name is Kayla Beckford, and this is my first week of a Diary of a Female Baller. First, I would like to thank Gthing Basketball for this opportunity in letting me inform you guys on what goes on daily in my life.

Monday - Today I went on my 7th grade end of the year school field trip to Point Pleasant Beach in NJ. It started to rain towards the end, but as long as I was with my friends I was fine and having a good time. On the way home from my field trip the bus broke down and we had to wait 45 minutes for another bus to come and another 30 minutes to get back to school. When we finally got back to school my father was there to pick me up and bring me home. We were home for about an hour until it was time to get to my daily workout sessions. My strength and conditioning workout lasted 45 mins and next I was on my way to my basketball workout. My basketball workout consisted of creating space on the shot off  the dribble and making moves to the basketball. As you can see I had a long day and I was very tired when I got home so I took a shower and went straight to bed.

Tuesday - It was a regular day at school for the most part reviewing for upcoming finals and essays. I got home and finished my homework. I went to my speed and agility workout and I felt good after because I think I worked extremely hard. Then I went on to the basketball training. I was a little tired and my arms felt heavy but I got through it.

Wednesday - In school today I took my math final. I’m not really sure about how I did, some questions I was prepared for and the others were challenging. I got home and immediately started working on finishing the rough draft of my DBQ essay. On the way to the park for conducting workouts, I studied for a vocabulary test I’ll be having tomorrow. After the park I went the gym. In my basketball training, I worked on making moves to the basket and on my shot. I did a little agility drills after and stretched. Today was my BEST workout so far this week...

Thursday - I took Language Arts Literacy finals today and I felt really confident that I got if not all but most of the questions correct. Got home and edited my essay now due on next Monday. In basketball workouts I worked on creating a shot for myself off of the jab step. I went light on the speed and agility workout because I had a long day of working out nonstop. Finished up at workouts and ended the night with working on my essay.

Friday - Today was my day off since I've been going hard all week long. I finished up my essay and had my mom read over it. I fell asleep watching the Finals and that sucked because I was​ rooting for the Cavs and they won Game 4. Even though I didn't get to watch the whole game, I was happy that the Cavs didn't get eliminated.

Saturday - I woke up early in preparation for the Seton Hall University Elite Camp and my flight to Memphis for  the Insider Exposure Jr. All American Camp. I was really looking forward to going to Seton Hall being that one of  Paterson’s greatest, Taylor Brown goes there. I had a lot of fun playing and also because I took a tour. Right after I was on my way to the airport to go to Memphis, Tennessee. The plane ride was good, except for that my ears were hurting after. My dad and I enjoyed the cool weather and went out to eat. We finished eating and went to our hotel where we showered and slept.

Sunday - Today was the day of the Insider Exposure Jr. All American Camp. I ate breakfast at the hotel and went to the gym early. Like many other camps we stretched out and drilled (we did some FUN/interesting drills with tennis balls) before the real games began. I played 3 games and made the All-Star team and my team won. It was good playing with different players from all over the country, I like playing an open freestyle game. We were able to read & react while playing off each other. I had a great working out with the college players that coached us. I saw some of the girls I met back in April in Dallas at EGB Middle School All American Games, we are all working to get better at BALL. My flight back to New Jersey got delayed TWO HOURS... So I'll be getting home around 1 am.  BALLER’S LIFE :(