Sunday, February 19, 2017


Q: So how have you been doing since the last time Gthing seen you.

A: I'm doing good. I started my freshman year at Metuchen High school. In the fall I played In the Rose Classic Tournament with some of my AAU girls which was a lot of fun and now I'm almost at the end of my first high school basketball season.

Q: How was your experience playing in the 3rd Annual Gthing All Star Classic.

A: I was honored to be asked to play in the game and it was a great experience. I'm always extremely nervous to play with other girls I don't know and I was happy to have my teammate Emma Boslet there with me. All of the girls were great and it was a lot of fun.

Q: When did you know, and how does it feel to be the leading scorer in New Jersey.

A: I think I first found out that I was in the lead after the Highland Park game in February. It feels great especially when I know my scoring has help our team win some games. I have been working really hard and I'm happy my shots have been falling.

Q: So as a freshman do you feel like there is any pressure on you.

A: No, I really don't feel like I have a lot of pressure on me, my goal is to just go out each game and play my hardest and do whatever I can to help my team. My coaches are very supportive and just ask me to give it my best effort.

Q: Now that you are playing at the high school level and not middle school no more, what would you say is the hardest transition.

A: The level of play is a lot different than in the middle school and the games matter for your record and your team's ranking, so there is added pressure to try to win. I feel like when I was in middle school and had a bad game it was okay, but now a loss can really impact the season.

Q: What would your goal be right now for you and your team.

A: Since we lost our first-round county game, as a team we are now focusing on the states and hoping to go further in the state tournament. Personally I want to try to work harder on my outside game and on creating more plays for my teammates.

Q: Are you ready to do this Diary Of A Female Baller with Gthing starting this week.

A: Yes, definitely.