Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Honesty Grayson

 Freshman Honesty Grayson,what hasn't she done so far this year. The Brick, NJ native has returned back to her old stomping grounds. She previously took her show on the road, leaving behind a talent group at Life Center Academy in Burlington, NJ. Grayson would land in Upper Marlboro, MD, playing for a National Power House Riverdale Baptist, where she received additional major recognition by playing in big High School Tournaments across the country. She's played in Hawaii, Washington, DC, New York, Maryland, California, and even the prestigious Nike Tournament of Champions in Phoenix, Arizona. Honesty was a major player at Riverdale and I'm sure she will be truly missed there. Gthing has sat in rooms with high school and College Coaches, whom all say the same thing, she is a Pro in the making, because of her skill set, athleticism and determination to learn the game. Grayson was just recently inform this week, she has been invited to the 2015 USA U16 Trails in Colorado Springs, CO this May. Honesty will be attending to Blair Academy HS in NJ for school, so be on the lookout for her there in the 2016 season and just recently became a member of the New Jersey Sparks AAU basketball program.

Danielle Robinson - (Shabazz HS,NJ) The naturally raw Robinson had some big shoes to fill while attending Shabazz, they have been a Nationally Rank team for the last five years but there Big Guns all have graduated. Now Danielle will be the face of Tiger's and we think she will be a good candidate for the spot, Robinson average 12pt's a game. She went to the USA trails last year and she should be able to get a crack at it again this season we would like to think so.

Abbey Lawrence - (Newark Tech HS,NJ) Lawrence has been a big part of the Terriers first Sectional Title this year, she had a few games where she came up with big numbers. Abbey will be running the point next year so Coach Jefferson should be able to get everything he wants out of her.

Dara Mabrey - (Manasquan HS,NJ) Mabrey has come up big next to her big sister in the games that her teammates really needed her. Mabrey won the Shore Title and the TOC the pressure is on now that the older Mabrey is leaving for College. Dara has a nice short range and long range game she has been in some big games this year so she knows what it takes t0 win and Dara is definitely not scared of the pressure. 

Jahsyni Knight - (Rutgers Prep HS,NJ) The Prep Guard didn't play in the first few games of the season, but midway Thur her name was buzzing all across Jersey. Jahsyni played like a upper class man this year, very poised guard who can handle the pressure, cat like speed, uptempo, very good defender on the ball.

Molly Collins - (Donovan Catholic HS, NJ) Shooting Guard who played valuable minutes, can play either the 1 or 2 while playing. 

Imani Lewis - (Trenton Catholic HS,NJ) The 6'2 Freshman had a few games where she had a Double - Doubles, Lewis started off very slow but pick it up as the season went on.

Ryan Weise - (Allentown HS,NJ) Played well all season under her mother who is the Head Coach, Ryan never seem to rattle while playing for Coach, she had some great games this year including hitting a game winner.

Eve Crawford - (East New Brunswick HS,NJ) Didn't get that much like expected but when on the floor Crawford made the best out of it. Eve had a few breakouts put is definitely looking to do big next season.

Maryam Crawford - (East New Brunswick HS,NJ) Much like her twin sister she only seen the floor in spurts, but is also looking forward to next year. made the best out of it when she did see the floor and played well in a few games.

Mikayla Markham - (St.Rose HS,NJ) Was over shadowed by a great team, Phipps, Louro, and the bunch, Markham did her thing when she was to, very good defender with long arms, can shoot very well definitely the three ball.