Wednesday, August 27, 2014

1st Annual Gthing & BBall Spotlight Recap 2014
Gold Team 
IMANI LEWIS - Forward - 2018 - (WILLINGBORO, NJ)

Imani was getting an 1's  it seem like every time she crashed the boards, she always know where the ball was going to be, that is because she was playing on her home court which is Trenton Catholic where she will be attending next year. Lewis used her size and muscles to push some of the other girls around but luckily they were on her level in was not afraid to bang with her.

Ayana Johnson - Center - 2018 - (Elmwood, NJ) - The other 6'0 footer in this game, she dropped a few buckets in this ALL STAR game getting a couple of put backs from hanging around the rim.

Maria Devincenzo - Guard - 2018 - (Montgomery, NJ) - The small pesky point guard was all over the place in the J.E.M, she has a high motor in loves the game of basketball in plays both ends of the court very well.

Amaya Santiago - Guard - 2018 - (Elmwood Park, NJ) - The 5'8 guard is as strong as a ox, another NJ Sparks player that was in the Classic. She scored on a few occasion, Santiago is a great rebounder in can finish well at the cup when given the opportunity.

Nyah Garrison - Guard - 2018 - (Brookhaven, PA) - The PA baller came to ball as most do when they get on the court in play, Garrison went hard in the game like the report said she would. They say she is coming off of a broken leg, but Gthingbasketball could never tell.