Saturday, August 23, 2014

1st Annual Gthing & BBall Spotlight J.E.M ALL STAR RECAP! GRAY TEAM!

Honesty Grayson - Guard - (Class of 2018)

Honesty was another player who like Danielle is one of the top 8th graders in the state and in the country, that's right country that played in this game. She woo the crowd with some of her acrobatic moves going to basket, she has been highly sorted after from all type of school and colleges since last year. This is a huge year for Honesty at the Life Center since most of the seniors graduated and went on to college.

Here are some more top performers from J.E.M ALL STAR game.

Miya Grimes - Forward - 2018 -(Lawrence, NJ) - CEO Mike Melton choose Grimes for MVP because of her hard work ethnic on the court, despite that there was a bunch of other talented girls on the floor, Miya was able to hang with some of the big dog's on the court this day. 


Ryan Weiss - Guard - 2018 - (Allentown, NJ) - Weiss showed her ability to score the ball from the outside, this past weekend Ryan got off to a good start controlling the pace and dish the rock off to her teammates. Getting coach bye her mom should give her a boost of confidence this year at Allentown High School.

Kaela Reed - Point Guard - 2018 - (Trenton, NJ) - The 5'1 guard was going straight to the basket no matter which tree was in her way, to be of the smallest player on the court, you wouldn't have never know that because when Kaela out there she plays way bigger than she looks.

Qiana Vigo - Guard - 2018 - (Ewing,NJ) - The strong guard came in playing hard right out of the gate, she drop a few buckets early in the game going hard to the rack. A nice size guard who will do anything to score. By the end of the game we definitely knew Trenton, NJ was in the house.