Saturday, July 19, 2014



Gthing: What grade would you give yourself for this past AAU season?

Kylee: For this AAU season I would probably give myself a B. During, my season I had some games where I played really well and scored a lot of points. But one of my goals was to become a better passer and see the floor better and I feel I am making progress in that area. However, it would be tough to give myself an A because our team did not win our division in Jr. Nationals. And like any other player I still have areas that need improvement and I still have a lot to learn.    

Gthing: When GThing last watched you this AAU season, you looked great after some time off; why?
Kylee: I think one of the big reasons why I was able to bounce back after being sick was because I was able to start my middle school season on time. My coach at Belhaven- Brian Coyle – has really helped me develop my skills as a basketball player and I was lucky enough to start as a 6th grader on his varsity team that went 32-2 on the season. I also tried to get sessions in with Tori Cavalieri and Wayne Nelson. These 2 guys helped me excel my game in so many ways and always introduce me to new and challenging drills. 

Gthing: We heard about your illness; has it affected your game at all?

Kylee: Well, it slowed me down for a bit but now I’m fine. In some ways I think the time off helped me to appreciate the game more and realize how much I missed it. 

Gthing: Now that your one of the top 6th graders in the state of New Jersey; do you plan on following in your mothers footsteps as a basketball star?

Kylee: I appreciate the compliment because one of my goals is definitely to be one of the best players in the state. As far as my mom goes, she has always worked really hard to help me be the best player I could be. I remember when she coached my first AAU team when I was in 2nd grade! With her being a D1 player at U of Delaware, my goal has always been to reach that as well or even higher; I would love to play for a major college program like Notre Dame, UNC or UCONN.

GThing: We know you come from a family of athletes; so if you were a boy would you follow in your dad’s footsteps as a football player?

Kylee: This question made me laugh. Well, I guess if I was boy I would dream about making it to the NFL like my dad. I like to play physical in basketball so I guess football wouldn’t be that much different. Hahaha  My dad was always into the mental aspect of the game and I think that’s what helped him as an athlete so he always tries to talk with me about that stuff.