Sunday, March 3, 2013

Katelynn Flaherty (Point Pleasant Beach, NJ)
ONE on ONE: With one of the top Point Guards in NJ.

What do you think about being rank the #14 Guard Point in NJ?

It's good, It just shows that your hard work pays off, put absolutely I want to be #1 but if not that's good.

ESPN has you in the top 100 girl's in the country is that a good feeling?

Yes it definitely is, being in the top 100 shows you that if you work hard, you will be there, and I think I can compete with anyone in the 100 girl's.

How hard was the transition from Manasquan to Point Pleasant Beach?

It was hard because you went from a team with Michaela Mabrey who's at Notre Dame now and two other girl's who are going to be D1, to a team that was 4-14 the year before that we came in so we have to teach the girls how to turn the whole thing around,so It's been difficult.

Do you think you and your teammates can capture a title this year?

I think we can capture a Central Jersey Title this year and go onto possibly win Group 1, which would be a big deal. All because we already won the Group 1 States.

What are the goals for Point Pleasant Beach this year?

Well we are 24-1 right now so we are trying keep are loses very low, and than we want to win Central Jersey, and hopefully go on to win 2 more games and get the Group 1 States, and make it to the TOC.

What part of your game do you think you need to work on for 2014?

Being more of a leader,direct my team more, and being more patient offensively.