Sunday, December 2, 2018

Diary Of A Female Baller: Hannah Hidalgo 2023 Merchantville, NJ Entry #8 Philly Elite!

Hannah & JuJu

Hello Basketball People, I'm Back With My Last Diary.

Monday: Today I did my daily routine I got up, got ready and ate a hard boiled egg. When I was done I waited to go to school. I normally get to school before it opens so I just relax. When they open the school I proceed to the following classes: civics, science, English, Math, lunch ,Latin then gym. After those classes I went and got ready for my workouts. In workouts I stretched, did two ball dribbling drills, defensive slides, jab step shot, v-cut one dribble 3, then we worked on some post moves. The last two things we did where 3 on 3 and 10 in 1’s. After the 10 in 1’s we meet in the middle, have prayer then leave. After practice I came home did my homework then relaxed the rest of the day.

Tuesday: Today I got up and did my daily routine. We I arrived at school I went to my normal classes. After school I went to workouts, but today I had to workout with the middle school team because I have to play with them. So at workouts we stretched did two ball dribbling drills then we some fundamental things, because the team is not good at all. So we did some three man weave then we just scrimmaged the rest of the practice. After practice I waited till it was time for me to leave then I went home and after I finished my homework I relaxed the rest of the day.

Wednesday: Today I didn’t go to school because it was a half of day and there was no point of going so I just stayed home and helped clean the house. We cleaned then I helped cook, then I watched my brothers clean to make sure they were doing everything right. After we were done cleaning I went and decorated the tree then I played the game with my brother.

Thursday: Today I got up and did my daily routine. When I got up I started to help clean and cook again. Then when a few hours past a few family members came and then we started to eat. After everyone was done eating I helped clean up then I went and watched the football game. When everyone left I went and played the game for a few then I just relaxed the rest of the day.

Friday: Today I got up and did my daily routine. When I got up my parents went out Christmas shopping so my brother brought his game to their room so I watched him play for a few. After a few hours past my cousin came over then we watched him play the game. At around 6 some more family members came over and they played cards and basically at all the food. So when everyone I went and chilled out with my cousin for the rest of the night.

Saturday: Today I got up and did my daily routine. Today was really just a chilled day, because I didn’t have anything, like basketball or workouts. So me my cousin and my brothers played a game together. And we really just did that the whole day, but my dad had practice and I was supposed to go but I feel asleep and never went. So I just watched tv until they got back then they started to play the game again and I watched them do that the rest of the night.

Sunday: Today I got up and did my daily routine. I got dressed then I headed to church. Church was only about 50 minutes so after that we went and got ice cream then headed home. When we got home my cousin left and I went and watched YouTube. I took a nap for a few hours then I got up and watched tv. No one really played the game cause they played it for so many hours, so they just watched tv. Today was another chilled day cause I didn’t have any practice or homework to do so I just relaxed the rest of the day.