Thursday, January 17, 2013

                                   YASMEEN NELSON ( ACIT, NJ )
After scoring 23 Pt's in her school's first victory of the season and in school history,Gthing Basketball finally caught up with her in ask her a few question about this season, Yasmeen is averaging 15 Pt's a game thus far, and is looking to put ACIT on the map.
How does it feel to play as a freshman on varsity.
It has been a great experience going against older girls who are not my age. It is worth it, because it is making me a better player everyday.
Do you think playing AAU has prepared you for the next level.
Yes it has, playing AAU has taught me a lot of things about playing basketball. Especially from watching other girls play.
What is your goal for this year.
My goal for this year is to make this program better, and to make history.
As a player what can you do to help your team get better.
As a player i can help my team play better by helping each and every player and showing them the right things to do. Were a team of mostly freshman and a couple of sophomores so it is very hard. we have to work together as a team and just try our best.