Thursday, August 23, 2012


                                Lauren Ross

The Ross family decided to send Lauren and her talent to the Shipley School which is an Bryn Mawr, PA. I had a chance to catch up with Michelle Ross, Lauren's mother and this is what she told me about the the Shipley School and what it stands for.

"Courage for the deed; Grace for the doing." That is the Shipley School motto and it speaks volumes about the students they send out into the world.

Shipley School offers small class sizes and promotes ethical and moral decision making. They have a commitment to character education emphasizing respect, responsibility and leadership. Their athletics have been very competitive over the years. They have 36 championships in the past five years and that includes the 2011 Girls PA State Championship and back to back Friends titles. Lauren is looking forward to playing pickup games with these girls. and learning all that she can until she gets to high school.

When we arrived on Shipley's campus the Monday after AAU Nationals, it felt like home. Everyone was convivial and we immediately liked soccer/basketball coach, Sean Costello. The varsity girls and boys basketball players treated us like Gators the minute Lauren hit the court.

Lauren started her AAU career as an 8 year old for the Lower Delco Wildcats. Eileen Ross allowed her to play on the 3rd/4th grade team as a second grader. For the next three years, Lauren has played with the Comets. In the off seasons, she plays with the boys at Chester Biddy. We have met so many people along this journey and we are thankful for everyone that has poured into her basketball life.

As parents, we are always attempting to position our children with the right team/coaches to further their journey. We are thankful that Lauren has been able to play hard enough to have coaches see something in her at an early age. We love all sports in our home. Shipley will give her an opportunity to play multiple sports while challenging her academically. We are leaving a nurturing enviroment at Rose Tree Media School District and couldn't have done this well academically without the dedication of all of the teachers in the district. We are looking forward to continuing to work hard on and off the court.