Friday, July 13, 2012

     One on One Feat: Lauren Ross (Comets)

 Lauren Ross

One on One                                                                   
When G-Thing first saw Lauren play in the Super Regionals we knew that she would be a special player. With almost a triple double in that tournament and winning the championship, G-THING finally got a chance to holler at Lauren to ask her what makes her motor tick.

GT: What have you been doing since your AAU season ended?
LR: I've been working out with a high school team and doing some strength and conditioning for about 12 hours a week. I'm also in two summer leagues. I have been playing a lot of basketball.

GT: How was your experience at the Nationals?
LR: This was my second year competing in the 11U Nationals. It was fun. I had good time doing what I love.

GT: How do you feel about placing 8th in the nation for the 11U D1?
LR: I thought it was great. Next year we can work harder to make the championship.

GT: What part of your game do you think you need to work on to get better?
LR: I'm working on my shot. I'm trying to put up as many shots as I can with the trainer or in my driveway.

GT: Do you think it is a lot of pressure on you as a player since your father is a Division 1 coach?
LR: No, not at all. My dad helps me to really see the floor and anticipate what my opponent will do.

GT: Tell G-THING one thing to expect from Lauren Ross in the next AAU season?
LR: You can expect this defensive specialist to have an awesome jump shot.