Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Diary Of A Female Baller: Jordan Nixon (Harlem, NY) Entry #6

Jordan Nixon & Danielle Patterson Notre Dame Commitment

Hello Basketball World;

Hey guys, since the last time we spoke, I hadn't played my first official game as a Mary Louis Hilltopper, but Friday, December 2nd was opening night. 

Sun: Today was our "off-day", so I went over to a friend's house to watch movies and eat snacks. Later that evening, I gathered my things for practice on Monday, conditioned and completed a full body workout before hitting the shower then the bed. 

Monday: Today was a regular school day, no tests nor quizzes. I had practice immediately after school.  During practice, we did several box out drills and reviewed our offensive concepts. Upon returning home, I watched some television, since I didn't have homework due the next day. Later on, I ran my mile. I ran faster than I did the day before and faster than I've ever run. While running, I "blacked out": I was completely focused on keeping a constant speed even when I started to feel fatigue. I embraced the ache and burn and kept pushing. Ultimately, I finished in 5:49. After tryouts several weeks ago, we cut our strength training to two days as opposed to three; in order to maintain my strength, I decided to do full body workout circuits. None of the workouts require any equipment, but I use 10 pound weights for different exercises. After completing the circuit twice, I decided to take an ice bath. Soon after, I hit the bed.

Tuesday: Today, the entire junior class when on the annual retreat in Brentwood, New York. The theme for the day was relationships. I can attribute enjoying the experience to my closest friends. After we returned from the retreat, we had practice, which was cut short for a variety of reasons; however, it was ultimately productive. When I returned home, I began my homework, ran my mile and completed a tough full body circuit. 

Wednesday: if I could characterize today in one word, it would be productive. School went well and immediately following, the juniors had a session with our beloved strength and conditioning coach. I can always count on Miss V to make me "uncomfortable": that strand  sensation you get when you've left your comfort zone whether you've began a new exercise, went up in weight or did exercises in a different sequence than usual. After our session, the team headed to practice. There, we worked on transition, game situation shots, post entry passes. We also scrimmaged at the end. I was exhausted from the day, so I decided to rest my body. I went through my regular nightly routine and hit the bed. 

Thursday: Today wasn't the most thrilling, but I managed. After school, we had a light practice being that tomorrow is our first game. I couldn't believe the season was already upon us. I'd been eagerly anticipating it since the day I found out I would be attending Mary Louis. 

Friday: From the moment I walked into TMLA, my friends and peers started asking, "what day is it?" and it was my job to respond, "It's GAME DAY!" In honor of the first home game of the season, today was also the pep rally. Our game against Nazareth Regional Highschool was scheduled for 6:45, following the Junior Varsity game against Naz; we had to wait the entire day and part of the evening to play. It was a great day overall thank to my friends' enthusiasm. I hadn't experienced a pep rally quite like this one in my former school. In the game, I struggled offensively. Yes, I was a little frustrated, but I kept going. As a team, we slowly built momentum as the game waned on, but everyone had her share of struggles. My coach reiterated after the game, that every win isn't always a good one, but we have to identify the weak areas and build on them. 

Saturday: The day after I feel I've had another poor performance is difficult. I'm determined to compete and to get to my spots, but initially, I feel embarrassed; it's unexplainable. Overall, it was a good practice; I remained aggressive. After practice, my mom and I traveled to my friend's house for a massage. I'd never gotten a massage, so this, too, was a first. Ice baths usually do the trick, but I think I prefer a massage. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would do it all over again. I spent the rest of the day at my friend's house, talking on the phone and speaking to my mom. 

Sunday: Today was our off day, so I finished up some homework, cleaned parts of the house, talked on the phone, walked the dog amongst several other things. I decided not to do anything basketball related for it is a long season, and it's important that I stay fresh and motivated. 

After all, it was a standard week, with a few highlights. Glad i was able to share my week with you. Until next time...

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

This Is A Must Attend Event For Middle Schoolers!

Monday, November 28, 2016

Diary Of A Female Baller: Jordan Nixon (Harlem, NY) Entry #5

Jordan Nixon

Hello basketball World;

Since we last spoke, not much has changed, but several exciting events occurred this week; I'm really excited to share them with you. 
Monday: Over the weekend, we had a total of three scrimmages. As a result, a clear picture of issues that we should address developed in our minds. Monday was a little more intense than some of our previous ones. Conditioning and constant energy  as well as defense were all topics of focus. We made it through; it was tough, but we made it. During a tough practice, I constantly remind myself how important it is to push when you don't want to do so. I also remind myself that in order to be successful, you have to pay the price of discomfort. 

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Diary Of A Female Baller: Jordan Nixon (Harlem, NY) Entry #4


Hello Basketball World;

Monday, Nov 14th: It was regular a regular day at school. I had freshman lunch, so only some of my close friends had lunch with me, it was fun and full of laughs. At the end of the day we had a rough practice, transition work, and conditioning, boxing out, and a lot of running in various forms. Went home did HW and worked on my core for about 30 mins before bed. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Diary Of A Female Baller: Jordan Nixon (Harlem, NY) Entry #3

Jordan Nixon & Friends

Hey Basketball World, glad to have you back for week 3! I'm having a lot of fun sharing my whereabouts with you and giving you a little bit of insight into my life, the life of a female baller. 

Sunday; I slept a lil late since its the weekend and since preseason is officially over, it's all about maintaining strength and growing as a player and person for the duration of the season. Today I decided to do core and calve work; I didn't want to do anything too strenuous because Monday marked our first practice. 

Monday, November 7, 2016

Diary Of A Female Baller: Jordan Nixon (Harlem, NY) Entry #2


What's Up Basketball World,

This is Jordan Nixon signing back In for my 2nd week of a "Diary Of A Female Baller"

On Monday; Since I'm attending a Catholic School (The Mary Louis Academy) Halloween is no longer a standard school day, so I spent the day at home. I'd been working out a lot, so I decided to rest my body and enjoy the day. If I had a gym to go to, believe me, I would've been there, but the rest days are critical to staying fresh and enjoying every minutes you spend getting better. Most of the day was spent watching Netflix, talking to friends via face time and text; I spent the rest of the day playing with my dog. In the evening I ran the steps of my building, conditioning workout I do once or twice a week, especially since it's getting colder. Before I did stair work, I begged my concerned mother to let me out of the house for about 10 - 15 minutes so I could work on my ball handling. Luckily my mother realizes how important improvement is to me. I finish the night with exercises to strengthen my hip adductors, after which, I stretched my abductors.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Diary Of A Female Baller: Jordan Nixon (Harlem, NY) Entry #1

Jordan Nixon

What's up Basketball World,

My name is Jordan Nixon, and I would like to welcome you to my first week of a "Diary Of A Female Baller", I would like to thank Gthing Basketball for this great opportunity and allowing me to display what go's on weekly in my life and what it takes to become a perfect athlete and student.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

This Week Coming Gthing Basketball Will Go Inside With 2018 Jordan Nixon For A Diary Of A Female Baller!

Sunday, October 2, 2016


MIDDLE VILLAGE QUEENS, NY - This Event Is Regard As One Of Top Showcase On The East Coast, It's was Hosted By NYG HOOPS Joe Fenelon Of BLUE STARS MEDIA. Right Now Joe Is Known as The King Of New York When It Comes To Girl's Basketball, He Gives You All The Info In Most Of The Tri-State. This Was His Third Year In Throwing This Event In Boy Was It Loaded, Despite Some Of The Major Colleges That Were Boycotting. Not This One In particular But All Across The Country For Those Who Were Having A Event, But That Didn't Stop Them From Coming To Watch Some Of Top Upper And Underclassmen At One Of The Top High School Programs In The Country Which Was Christ The King HS, New York The Home Of WNBA Stars Tina Charles and Chamique Holdsclaw Where both Of There Jersey's And Hardware Was On Display In The Trophy Case.

Taliyah Medina - 6'0 - 2020 - Combo-Guard - Bethlehem Catholic HS, PA - Lead guard who brings some real size to the game, Plays both size of the ball... Triple - Threat producer, Mid-Range gamer... Confident... Attack mode... Score's mentality... Knows how to play off the ball... Great size... Hustles on every play... Defends... High Prospect for 2020 class...

Indya Akbar - 6'2 - 2017 - Post - Spartanburg HS, SC - Inside interior threat, with good size. Very mobile can run on the break... College frame... Rebound the ball well... Can score on the block... Needs to add more moves for her arsenal...

Eve Crawford - 5'9 - 2018 - Combo Guard - Notre Dame HS, NJ - Gets better everytime she touches the court. High basketball IQ... Knocks down big shots... Mid-range gamer.... Scores in spurts... Handle... Attacks the basket...

Nkemamaka Nwabudu - 6'0 - 2018 - Forward - Elmont Memorial HS, NY - Explosive athletic inside and out prospect... Active around the rim... Super Mobility... Of the chart potential... Super strong... Mid-range gamer... Consistent play making...Shooting forum high to the arc... Scores in different ways...

Kateri Poole - 5'8 - 2020 - Combo-Guard - Monsignor Scanlan HS, NY - Confident lead guard who executes in the half-court game, combo skills, duo threat. Delivers and manufacture in transition... Creates and produce... See and runs floor well... Exceptional passer... Court vision...

Nyah Garrison - 5'10 - 2018 - Combo-Guard - Archbishop Prendergast Catholic HS, PA - Bang Bang Shooter who must get her touches to stay hot in a game. Long range gamer... Moves well without the ball... Raise up to shoot over defenders... Size.... Needs to improve a little more speed for next level... Great stroke...

Nicole Johnson - 5'8 - 2018 - Combo-Guard - East Brunswick  HS, NJ - Shifty combo-guard with cat like speed, Attacks off the dribble... Mid-range gamer... Great in transition and in the open floor... Handle... Quick hands and feet... Dimes at times... Finishes in traffic... 

Lauren Hansen - 5'7 - 2019 - Guard - Ward Melville HS, NY - Confident floor leader with handle, Active in passing lane and on break... Scores mentality... Mid-range game producer... Swag in game... Great in transition.... Crafty with ball...

Celeste Taylor - 6'0 - 2019 - Wing - Long Island Lutheran, HS, NY - Versatile Wing with guard like tendencies, Superior athletic ability... Attacks in transition... High leaper... Finishes in traffic... On ball defender... High motor... Quick first step... Very active on both sides... Elite wing for class (2019).

MacKayla Scarlett - 5'7 - 2020 - Guard - St. Francis Preparatory HS, NY - Lead guard with some good skills and quality... Strong vs Contact... Passes well in transition... Penetrates... Attack mode is consistent... Floor general... Not yet, but will be elite in her class (2020)...

Sajada Bonner - 6'0 - 2019 - Forward - St. Johns Vianney HS, NJ - Crazy athlete with incredible hops, Lanky with long arms... Good defender... Rebounds... Can play different position... Need to see some mid-range game...

Kailah Hall - 5'7 - 2017 - Guard - Cambridge Rindge & Latin HS, MA - Strong off-guard who likes to punishes her opponent, Finds ways to get to the rack... Body control... Does well verses contact... Physical...

Brittany Garner - 6'4 - 2018 - Post - Camden Catholic HS, NJ - Strong, back to basket performer, Face-up player with call on... Excellent foot work... Great Lateral movement... Just coming back from ACL injury... Post presences... A slew of offensive moves... High IQ... Alter shots when in the lane... Passes well 4 big...

Jade Hill - 6'4 - 2019 - Post - Summit Academy HS, NY - Interior post prospect, College frame... Great size... Goods hands... Runs floor well... Face-up player... Polished... Patience...

Jonsie Ledbetter - 5'4 - 2017 - Rancocas Valley HS, NJ - Speedy floor leader; Uptempo... Crafty with ball... Mid-Range gamer... Handle... Penetrate and dish... First step is quick... Can Knock down the three... Lighting quick...

Emily LaPointe - 5'9 - 2019 - Staten Island Academy HS, NY - Big off-guard who can create and who bring size to the back-court, Quick leaper... Mid-Range Gamer... Long arms... Athletic... Finish against contact...

Teisha Hyman - 5'11 - 2019 - Woodlands HS, NY - Superior athletic combo-guard with explosive offensive game, Mid-Range game threat... Smooth in transition... Creates... Attacks off dribble... Length... Defends... Elevates on jump shot... Finishes at basket... Underrated.... Floater in lane... Should be elite for her class (2019)

Diamond Miller - 6'0 - 2019 - Franklin HS, NJ - Athletic off-guard who exploits mismatches and finishes around rim... Superior length... Defends in pressure... Mismatch producer... Active in passing lane... Wingspan in back court... Stock rising...  

Meg Hair - 5'10 - 2018 - Combo-Guard - Jamesville Dewitt HS, NY - Smooth Combo with a shooters touch, knows how to get open to get off a good shot... Handle... Elevates on shot... Floater in lane... Splits defenders...

Daja Wentz - 5'6 - 2019 - Guard - Monsignor Scanlan HS, NY - Lead-guard with a scores mentality... Cuts defenders in half... Swag in game... Mid-Range gamer... Handle... Uptempo and shifty... Streaky scorer... Tough to contain... Confident... Keeps defenders on wheel...

Monday, September 26, 2016

NEPTUNE, NJ - Just Us Girls Tournament Was Held By Team Member Of The Shoreshots Tracey Sabino As A Reminder Of How Bad And Deadly Cancer Could Be To Are Self's Or A Close Relative, I'm Sure We All Have Knew Of A Person with This Disease, So Thanks To The Shoreshots For The Awareness. Not To Many Teams Participate In This Event This Year, But That Didn't Mean There wasn't A Bunch Of Talent In the Building.

Sophia Sabino - Point Guard - 2021 - Shoreshots - Combo Guard with a lot of confidence, gets out on the break and pushes. Plays both sides of ball... Defends... On ball defender... Swag... Handle.. Pass and dish...

Kelsey Ramson - Guard - 2020 - NJ Panthers - Physical type guard who loves to attack the basket, very strong when in attack mode. Aggressive... Skilled... Physical.... Good size... Gets to the rack with ease because of strength... Needs to develop a mid-range...

Paige Slavin - 2020 - Point Guard - Shoreshots - Very underrated guard who keeps on getting better, if it where not for a loaded GTHING ALL-STAR CLASSIC, we would have definitely squeeze her in. Lead guard... Handle... Skilled... Thread the defense... Penetrates... Passes well... Uptempo...

Toni Panayides - 2021 - Guard - Shoreshots - High motor kid with a lot of room to grow, plays the game well has a good knowledge of the game. Smart... Hustles... High motor... Mid-range game... 

Sarah Karpell - 2019 - Combo Guard - Jersey Shore Elite - One of the best shooters in her class hands down, can play the one or two position with a lot of confidence. Good shot selection... Streaky... Great forum... Handle the ball with care... Shooter... Gets others involved... Shooters mentality... Spreads floor...

Kelsey Stites - 2018 - Guard - NJ Panthers - Lead guard, who has good court vision and See's the floor very well especially when leading the break. Good leadership... Court vision... Athletic... Runs floor... High IQ... Great passer...

Tori Hyduke - 2018 - Guard - Jersey Shore Elite - Playing on a high level right now, has the ability to make a major impact at the next level. Creates off the dribble... Quick first step... Pushes tempo... Scoring guard with a knock out punch... Breaks down defender... Delivers and handles in transition...

Justine Pissott - 2022 - Point Guard - Shoreshots - Confident while on the court... Among the elite for 2022... Play under control... Poise... Mid-range... 

Destiny Adams - 2021 - Wing - Shoreshots - Ultra interior post prospect player that has versatility, Shot blocking ability... Quick first step... Aggressive... Rebounds well... Cleans glass... Unpolished... Super mobility... Offensive game... Crazy potential... 

Rahmena Henderson - 2019 - Combo Guard - Jersey Shore Elite - Lead guard with a combo game, active in passing lanes... Make's plays... Handle and distributes...

Allie McGinn - 2021 - Guard - Shoreshots - Versatile, big guard with combo guard mentality. Mid-range gamer... Athletic... Long... Lanky... Attack mode... Mismatch nightmare... 

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

EWING, NJ - This was the 3rd Annual Gthing All Star Classic which consist of 24 girls we have seen or have followed across the country for the past few years, some have been as early as this year. Are event has had some of the top players in country to play in this event before, big names such as Faith Masonius and Honesty Scott - Grayson who played on the USA 16 Under Olympic Team, this year we searched out a few big's to play in this uptempo All Star Game. Besides the heat outside which was a record high of 110 degrees we also had some heat inside between the two teams under a air condition roof.

Kylee Watson - 2020 - 6'3 - Forward - Mainland HS (NJ) -  Linwood, (NJ) - MVP, High ceiling prospect for her age in class, can play face up with her back towards basket. Interior presents on both sides... Superior foot work and speed... Athletic...Time to develop Mid-Range game... Rebounds well... Recognize double teams... Mobile... Runs floor... Stock rising... High prospect for 2020...

Kemari Reynolds - 2020 - 5'7 - Guard - Manchester HS (NJ) -  Lakehurst, (NJ) - Lead guard who likes to control the pace of the game. Controls the game... Lead Guard... Handles the ball well... Can score...True point... High IQ... Needs to show jump shot game...

Leiya Stuart - 2020 - 5'10 - Wing - Westtown HS (PA) -  East Stroudsburg, (PA) - Likes to play along the wing area, can go from anywhere on the floor. Sportsmanship Award Winner... Mid-Range Gamer... Spot up shooter... Consistency... Good Forum... Great shot selection...

Brynn Farrell - 2020 - 6'1 - Forward - Metuchen HS (NJ) - Edison, (NJ) - Very Versatile Forward, who loves to play out in the open court. Versatile... Hustles... Rebounds... Active on glass... Mismatch for smaller forward because of her size and speed and ability to put but the ball on the floor...

Shania (Tink) Davis - 2020 - 5'6 - Combo Guard - St. Elizabeth HS (DE) - Wilmington, (DE) - Small in crafty point guard with a huge heart and the willingness to play. Creates... Quick first step... Crafty... Excellent handle with the rock... Always in attack mode... Small with good upper body size... Tough... Needs that Jumper...

Jasmine Lyles - 2020 - 5'11 - Forward - Rutgers Prep HS (NJ) - Somerset, NJ - Very versatile forward, that is starting to show she has few tricks and her bag. Versatile... Strong... Rebounds... Active on boards... Skilled... Scores in bunches... Finishes against contact... Strong build...

Heaven Figueroa - 2020 - 5'8 - Combo Guard - Lawrenceville Prep HS (NJ) - Brooklyn, NY - Excellent combo - guard who can beat you with either hand, and that's doing it on both sides of the ball. Definite gamer... Creates of the dribble... Handle with grace... Uptempo style... Mid-Range Gamer... Great floor leader... Attacks basket... Draws contact... Score's mentality...

Kayla Johnson - 2020 - 6'2 - Forward - Victory HS (NY) - Brooklyn, NY - Faceup stretch 4 type style, Physical of the dribble... Finishes against contact... Superb foot work... Execute in half court game...Breaks defender down on wing...

Olivia Mullins - 2020 - 5'9 - Guard - Rutgers Prep HS (NJ) - Somerset, NJ - Lead guard with combo skills, High IQ for the game... Game manager with court awareness... Handle and drives... Skilled... Penetrate and dish... Fundamentals.... 

Erica Porter - 2020 - 6'4 - Post - Notre Dame HS (NJ) - Plainsboro, NJ - Off the chart potential; Good hands... Long wingspan... Interior presence... Hogs lane... Shoot blocker... Scores around the basket... alter shots... Soft touch... High prospect for (2020).

Emma Boslet - 2020 - 6'0 - Wing - Edison HS (NJ) - Edison, NJ - All around good player; can play multiple position... Athletic... Great out in transition... Runs floor well... Creates... Big wing with guard like skills...

Rachel Kuhl - 2020 - 5'7 - Combo Guard - Old Bridge HS (NJ) - Old Bridge, NJ - Lead guard / combo guard all in one; Uptempo game... Mid-Range Game... Smooth... Court vision... Handle and penetrates... Crafty... Good Passer... Finds teammate out on break...

Tuesday, August 9, 2016


The 3rd Annual GTHING ALL STAR CLASSIC is scheduled for August 13th
in Ewing, NJ and the roster is listed below. We would like to congratulate all
the players selected, remember please make sure your on time for the event.

Saturday August 13th
(Incarnation St. James 1555 Pennington Road. Ewing, NJ 06618)
12:00 PM Girls Regional Classic
1:30 PM Boys Regional Classic Game

South Team
Kylee Watson (Linwood, NJ)
Heaven Figueroa (Brooklyn, NY)
Olivia Mullins (Somerset, NJ)
Jariah Patterson (Bloomfield, NJ)
Kayla Richardson (Middletown, NJ)
Brynn Farrell (Metuchen, NJ)
Anna Morris (Mahwah, NJ)
Rachel Kuhl (Old Bridge, NJ)
Emma Boslet (Edison, NJ)
Kemari Reynolds (Lakehurst, NJ)
Raquel Longobardi (Staten Island, NY)
Camryn Foltz (Colts Neck, NJ)

North Team
Erica Porter (Plainsboro, NJ)
Kateri Poole (Bronx, NY)
Leiya Stuart (East Stroudsburg, PA)
Kayla Johnson (Brooklyn, NY)
Molly Lynch (Sea Girt, NJ)
Kaylah Barnes (Dover, DE)
Jasmine Lyles (Somerset, NJ)
Ciani Howard (Atlantic City)
Shani Gerald (Paterson, NJ)
Shania Davis (Wilmington, DE)
Bella Stuart (Clifton Park, NY)
Kate Anderson (Coatesville, PA)

Monday, August 1, 2016


Johnson (aka) the big fundamental had a great aau showing this year, she was very skilled and well taught coming into the 2016 summer. Kayla definitely was underrated for the class of 2020 forwards across the country, but her skilled set and other intangible has earned her a spot to play in the 3rd Annual GTHING BASKETBALL ALL STAR CLASSIC.

Gthing Basketball would like to congratulate Kayla on her selection in wish her well as she heads to high school this fall. Watch and listen as we bring you more top players that will play in the 3rd Annual Gthing ALL STAR CLASSIC.

Saturday, July 30, 2016


We been covering Kathleen for quite sometime now, when she first came on the seen Anderson was just a B ball player, now she is a three sports star. Playing on a well known Rebels team this year, Gthing didn't get a chance to view her games but her past play has earned her a spot to play in the 3rd Annual GTHING BASKETBALL ALL STAR CLASSIC.

Gthing Basketball would like to congratulate Kathleen on her selection in wish her well as she heads to high school this fall. Watch and listen as we bring you more top players that will play in the 3rd Annual Gthing ALL STAR CLASSIC.

Thursday, July 28, 2016


Leiya Stuart started out this season with the New York Gaucho when we first notice her good game play, she was sharp and consisent. Then the next time we saw her, Stuart was rocking a New Jersey Sparks outfit put in the course of all that Leiya game play never change. Her play earned her a spot to play in the 3rd Annual GTHING BASKETBALL ALL STAR CLASSIC.

Gthing Basketball would like to congratulate Leiya on her selection and wish her well as she heads to high school this fall. Watch and listen as we bring you more top players that will play in the the 3rd Annual Gthing ALL STAR CLASSIC.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Another young New Heights / Central Jersey Cardinals young gunner who has been in the Cardinals feeder system for a while to get ready for the big stage when she gets to Rutgers Prep (NJ). Mullins is one of the most fundamentally sound younger players we seen in a while. Her play earned her a spot to play in the 3rd Annual GTHING BASKETBALL ALL STAR CLASSIC.

Gthing Basketball would like to congratulate Olivia on her selection and wish her well as she heads to high school this fall. Watch and listen as we bring you more top players that will play in the 3rd Annual Gthing ALL STAR CLASSIC.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016


All ready making a name for herself, from New York to New Jersey. Heaven has been selected  because of her outstanding true guard play in some big games this AAU season, already nominated to play in the Rites Of Passages Showcase in August makes a busy schedule for Figueroa. Her play has earned her a spot to play in the 3rd Annual GTHING BASKETBALL ALL STAR CLASSIC.

Gthing Basketball would like to congratulate Heaven on her selection and wish her well as she heads to high school this fall. Watch and listen as we bring you more top players that will play in the 3rd Annual Gthing ALL STAR CLASSIC.


Playing on a team that doesn't get a lot of exposure, Howard still has a bright spot and some potential to rock out with some of the top 2020 players there were invited to attend. Her play earned her a spot to the 3rd Annual GTHING BASKETBALL ALL STAR CLASSIC.

Gthing Basketball would like to congratulate Siani on her selection and wish her well as she heads to high school this fall. Watch and list as we bring you more top player that will play in the 3rd Annual Gthing ALL STAR CLASSIC.

Monday, July 25, 2016


Playing under the radar most of the season Ms Porter will now get a chance to show why she is one of the most talk about names that will be heading into the Colonial Conference which plays under the South Jersey Non-Public A umbrella. She plays on a already good size ShoreShot team, but with her standing at 6'3 and two in some change in weight in a 14 inch shoe and still growing, this is one of the reasons why she was selected to play in the 3rd Annual Gthing Basketball ALL STAR CLASSIC.

Gthing Basketball would like to wish her well as she enter high school to play on the next level, congratulation Erica on your selection to play in the 3rd Annual Gthing Basketball ALL STAR CLASSIC August 13, 12pm Incarnation St. James School 1555 Pennington Road Ewing, NJ.

Saturday, July 23, 2016


Breaking out on the seen this year was 6'3 Watson who plays for the Toms River Starz, KY is regard as one of the top forwards in the country. Traveling to the Mid West and to the North East has definitely put this South Jersey prodigy on the map, it earned her a roster spot in the Rose Classic ALL STAR Game in which she held her own being the only 8th grader playing on the floor with some monstrous talent. Kylee will try in finish out her 8th grade career at the 3rd Annual GTHING BASKETBALL CLASSIC.

Gthing Basketball would like to congratulate Kylee for her selection and wish her the best of luck as she gets ready for her high school career. Watch in listen as we bring you more players that have been selected to play in the 3rd Annual Gthing Basketball Classic August 13, 12pm Incarnation St. James School 1555 Pennington Road, Ewing, NJ. 


Poole Is Ready To Put The Moves On The GTHING CLASSIC!


One of the hottest names in the game of basketball across the country is Kateri Poole. The crafty combo guard has been seen on You Tube doing amazing things with a basketball, from making people fall to handling the rock on a hoverboard. Poole and her New Heights team has been making noise all season on both sides of the coast in that has earned her a spot in the 3rd Annual GTHING ALL STAR CLASSIC.

Gthing Basketball would like to congratulate Kateri Poole on her selection and on her future at the high school level. Watch in listen as we bring you more top player that will be participating in the 3rd Annual GTHING BASKETBALL ALL STAR CLASSIC.

Monday, July 4, 2016




Thursday, June 23, 2016


Name: Damaris Rodriguez

Team: Jersey Shore Elite

Position: Combo Guard

Height: 5'6

Class: 2020

State: NJ

Profile: Crafty combo-guard who likes to play at a fast pace, plays very well when the ball is in her hands. Creative with the ball... Handle... Good in the open floor... Mid-Range gamer... True point guard... Pass first mentality... Attacks the basket... 

Monday, June 20, 2016







CLASS: 2020