Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Diary Of A Female Baller: Emma Boslet 20' Bishop Ahr HS, New Jersey / Team Miller Barton Entry #3

Emma & Carla Escanillias

Monday August 6th: Today I went on a visit to Monmouth University with my mom. We talked to the coaches, saw the facilities, and learned more about the school. It was a great experience and I enjoyed it a lot. When I got home I got shots up and did some jump roping and went on a short run. Then I went to my Aunts house to swim with all of my little cousins. After that I came back home and relaxed in my own pool. 

Tuesday August 7th: I went to train at US Hoops for about 2 and a half hours. Then I came home and put up shots. After I had friends over my house to swim and play ball. When they left I sat down with my family and watched America’s Got Talent. 

Wednesday August 8th: Today I went out and worked out myself. I did ball handling, moves to the basket, and finished with form shooting. After that I had family over and we all swam and had fruit and snacks out. Then I went shopping to get an outfit for a sweet sixteen I had. I got ready and went to the sweet and had a blast. I also saw a lot of my friends. 

Thursday August 9th: Today is my brothers birthday so my family went to six flags with him and did the rides. We stayed there for about 4 hours and then we decided to go home. It was fun because I love roller coasters and aren’t scared of them. When we got home I got changed and went to a workout at Roselle Catholic. There we worked on game like situations and running fast breaks. 

Friday August 10th: Today I went out and worked out on my driveway. I put up a ton of shots and worked on moves to the basket along with doing some conditioning drills to increase my vertical. After that I stayed in while it rained and watched some Netflix. Later that night my friend called and asked if I wanted to go to the movies so I said sure and we went. We saw Slender man and it was pretty creepy. But I enjoyed seeing my friend and spending some time with her. 

Saturday August 11th: Today I went out and ran in the morning. Then I went to watch Roselle Catholic play St Rose in the no boys allowed tournament at 1. After that I headed over to my Grandmas house where she gave me my birthday gift which was a cute collage of pictures of me and my family shaped into the number “16”. It was so creative, I really liked it. After that I headed to a friends party and stayed till about 10 and headed home. I got to meet new people and catch up with old friends so it was very fun. 

Sunday August 12th: This morning I went to the basketball warehouse to workout. I was told I really need to start spicing up my diary entries. But other than that it was a great workout to start the day. When I got home I showered and watched Split and Get Out, which came out a while ago but I never got a chance to see. Then I had to rush to get ready to go to my teammates sweet because my mom had to make her movie on time. I got to the sweet and I had a great time because my AAU Team was there and it was just nice to see them again. 

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Diary Of A Female Baller: Emma Boslet 20' Bishop Ahr HS, New Jersey / Team Miller Barton Entry #2

Emma & Jesse Jones

Monday July 30th: I just got home from Atlanta at 2:30 am last night so I slept until 1:30 today. Then I got up, showered, took an ice bath and practiced some driving with my mom. After that I was invited to go to an open gym at Roselle Catholic High School. It was a great workout and I got a ton of shots up.

Tuesday July 31st: Today I went out with my mom and drove. Then we went and got pedicures together. After that I went to Roselle Catholic for a workout. We worked on ball handling, getting in the gap, shooting, and finishing around the rim. 

Wednesday August 1st: Today I worked out my lower body in my backyard. I did calf raises, tires, squats, and lunges. I also worked on trying to jump higher to get the rim and did some pushups. After that I took 300 shots and went in the pool. Then I went driving with my mom and my brothers and watched their football practice. 

Thursday August 2nd: Today I continued to work on my lower body by repeating the same workout as yesterday. And even though it may not sound like much, I am super sore. I also practiced a lot of driving today. I went on the road with my mom and my Grandpa. Before bed I stayed up and watch America’s Got Talent with my family. 

Friday August 3rd: Today I worked out on my legs and got 300 plus shots up. After that I drove with my mom to my aunts house and sat and talked while my brothers swam. In the middle it started to storm so we had to go inside. My mom decided it was time to go home so I drove in the rain. Then I ate dinner and watched tv in my room.

Saturday August 4th: I went outside and put up 200 shots and measured my vertical. Then I went in the pool and relaxed in the sun with my brothers. After that I went on a bike ride around my town. Then I came home and ate stuffed crust pizza for dinner. I also painted my nails and then went to bed.  

Sunday August 5th: Today I went out ya shot and worked on my ball handling. Then I invited a group of friends over to swim. We played different pool games and just relaxed in the sun. Then we went and played shooting games. After we went downstairs and played pool and listened to music. It was a great way to end the week.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Diary Of A Female Baller: Emma Boslet 20' Bishop Ahr HS, New Jersey / Team Miller Barton Entry #1

Emma & Team Miller Barton

Hey this is Emma Boslet from Team Miller 2020, welcome to my diary!

Monday July 23: I had a game at 9am and 11am, we won both. After the games I went out for burgers with my family. Then we went on a ferris wheel outside my hotel and then walked downtown. We met up with some of my team and went to a candy store and I got a bag full of gummy everything- bears, robots, snakes, worms. After walking off the candy and resting in the hotel for a while I went back out with some of my teammates to walk around downtown, get Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and watch the sunset by the river.

Tuesday July 24: Today I had a game at 8 and 11 and we won both to place first in our pool. Then I relaxed in the hotel room and watched That 70’s Show. Then I met up with my team and we all went to support the 11th grade Team Miller team. It was such an exciting game to watch, they ended up winning by one. By then it was dinner time so some of my teammates and I went to a bbq place downtown to eat. 

Wednesday July 25: Today was playoff and championship day. We had a game at 10:40, 1:30, and 5:20. The first two were playoff games that went well, my team competed and fought the whole game for a win. The championship game was a real battle. Not until later in the second half could we break being down by 11. We made a big comeback and with a minute left was only down by two points. We ended up losing by four but it was a great experience and a fun tournament. Right after the game I tried to get in the car to drive home right away because I have a flight tomorrow at 8am out of Philadelphia so I have to be out of the house by 4:30am. I got home and put a load of wash in and repacked my suitcase. I’m excited to start the tournament in Atlanta. 

Thursday July 26: Today I woke up at 4:30 to drive to Philadelphia airport; which is an hour away, to fly to Atlanta. Once we got settled in the hotel, my Dad, my brother, and I went down to look for lunch. We are staying in the Omni Hotel which is attached to the CNN center so it’s really cool to be able to see. After lunch I went out to walk downtown with some of my teammates. We got some Smoothie King and relaxed by the many statues and fountains of Centennial Olympic Park.

Friday July 27: Today I had 2 games to start off the tournament in Atlanta. We lost the first to a very talented team from West Virginia and won the second. After the games we went out to eat at a sports pub downtown. It was all about baseball and it had a pitching speed tester which some of my teammates and I tried out. Let’s just say.... I’ll stick to basketball. Anyways later we walked down main street and got to pet horses. We also got a ride in a carriage with a horse pulling us and it really made my night. 

Saturday July 28: We only had one game today and it was a very close battle. We ended up losing by 4 and we placed in 3rd for our pool. After the game we all rested in the hotel and ordered in. Later that night we decided to do some team bonding with an escape room, we had 60 minutes to escape a haunted room.  We escaped after unlocking what seemed like a million locks. When we arrived back at the hotel, we weren’t that tired so we all sat around this huge piano. My one teammate started to play a song and we all sang along entertaining the lobby. Another team and other people started walking over and joined the fun. Tomorrow we start playoffs for the 3rd place bracket. 

Sunday July 29: Today was playoffs and championship day. Our first game was very close and we won by only a few. Our second game was also close but we were able to maintain a steady lead. The championship game was competitive, however we kept a 20 point lead for most of the game. My whole team was on fire shooting the ball and we played really well as a team. We kept composure through various technicals and they even had to switch the officials at halftime. We placed 3rd for our age group and won the silver. I’m very proud of my team and excited to get a couple days off since live season ended. 

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Diary Of A Female Baller: Zoey Brooks 23' (Holy Savior Academy Middle School) Plainfield, NJ / New Jersey Sparks Entry #10 

Zoey & Eric Myrick

Hey, this is Zoe Brooks (aka Baby Storrs and The Bully) and this is my final Gthing diary entry. I would like to thank Gthing for the opportunity, and I hope you enjoyed taking a small peak into what I do on and off the court.
Monday, June 11
This week I had my finals in math and science. After school, we drove from Plainfield to Maplewood to pick up one of my friends Ciera and give her a ride to St. John Vianney Camp. There was a lot of traffic so we were late. My Sparks teammates Mikaela and Gabby met us there and the four of us had a really good time.
Tuesday, June 12
Today I had my social studies and language arts finals.
St. John Vianney is one of the top high schools that I’m thinking about going to in ninth grade. The best part of this camp is seeing all of the championship banners hanging up in the gym. Also, I got a chance to hang out with Coach Dawn Karpell and I like her a lot.
Wednesday, June 13
Happy Birthday Dad. Today is my dad’s birthday. We made my dad cupcakes and gave him cards and gifts.
Madison St. Rose, who also plays for the Sparks and is going to go to St. John Vianney next year, is also at the SJV camp. The camp is competitive and I think it’s cool that there are so many Sparks there. We learned a lot and had fun.
Thursday, June 14
My mom got me a new dress and shoes to wear to my cousin Tasha’s wedding. She had a beautiful wedding and it was nice to see my family including my grandparents and my other cousins. Afterwards, we went to the reception at Galloping Hills Inn and we had a good time eating and dancing. Congratulations Tasha.
Friday, June 15
SJV camp is over so I finally got to go put in some work with the best trainer in the state Eric Myrick. I’ve been working with him for four years and he has helped me become a much better basketball player.
Saturday, June 16
My Sparks team played up a grade at the Shoreshots Tournament. We played the Shoreshots in the first game and although it was a tough game, we came out on top. We didn’t play our best game but we got it done. We don’t play in New Jersey too often so it was kind of cool to see so many local high school coaches and players that we knew in the gym. In the second game we played a team called the Aces and I had a quick 18 points before sitting out the last 10 minutes of the game because we were winning by so much. After the game me and my parents went to Benihana’s to grab something to eat.
Sunday, June 17
Today is Father’s Day so me and my mom took my dad shopping at Menlo Park mall. We got him some Jordans and clothes and then my mom made him his favorite dinner which is steak.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Upper Marlboro, Maryland - Team Takeover put on a well establish event for the Cinco De Mayo Invitational which was held in various locations throughtout the Maryland and  Washington, DC area. This years event was a all girls tournament, which last year it was a combination of both girls and boys. So this year it gave me a chance to focus on just the girls only which turn out to be great for me and other evaluators and media people. 

Tai Johnson - 2019 - 5'8 - Point Guard - Western PA Bruins 17U - Johnson's ball movement caught are attention first then we notice a verity of things. Tai is a exceptional ball handler who knows were to place the ball on the court. controls the pace; scores of the dribble, handle, consistent jump shot, very active.

Diamond Johnson - 2020 - 5'7 - Combo Guard - Boo Williams 17U - Johnson is a consistent three point threat, not that fast but knows how to get open for the quick shot. long range gamer, quick release on shot, very mature, enough ball handling ability to get good looks.

Breyanna Frazier - 2019 - 5'9 - Point Guard - Books & Basketball 17U - Frazier is a athletic guard with tremendous jumping ability, she creates and breaks her defender down at the point of attack. penetrate and dishes, cuts the seams when going to basket, athletic, lead guard.

Jenna Clark - 2019 - 5'8 - Point Guard - Western PA Bruins - Clark is a very skilled point with lots of shake and bake, Jenna knows how to create and change pace while in transition; court vision, flare in her game, passes well, creates. 

Lauren Park - Lane - 2019 - 5'5 - Guard - Team Takeover 17U - Lane is crafty point who has finally come out of her shell now playing for Takeover, ability to create and run a well balance offence has seem to be working for Park-Lane. ball creator, shifty, consistent, floor general, mid-range gamer.

Jayla James - 2019 - 6'1 - Forward - Team Takeover 17U - Athletic small forward who has size and ability to play multiple positions; finishes plays in traffic, exploits mismatches, perimeter prospect, versatile, rebounds, delivers around painted area, creates versus contact, Signed to Penn St.

Jada Patrick - 2019 - 6'1 - Wing - New Jersey Sparks 17U - Duke signee Patrick is a versatile wing who rebounds well, dribbles and drive, finishes at the rim, great athlete, high motor, does all the small things, good leaper, agile and physical.

Maria Cerro - 2019 - 5'7 - Point Guard - Western PA Bruins 17U - Strong combo guard with a scorers mentality, controls the pace of game, mid-range gamer, physical off the dribble, stays in attack mode.

Adriana Shipp - 2019 - 5'7 - Point Guard  - Bswl - Stith - Strong, Physical combo-guard who handles well in pressure situations. Physical off dribble, upper body strength, half-court game, big guard game.

Azaina Baines - 2019 - 5'11 - Guard - Books & Basketball - Athletic lefty lead guard who brings emerging offence to the back-court, with the ability to create off the dribble. effective in half-court game, attacks off dribble, penetrate and dishes, mid-range gamer, big guard. 

Mariah Perez - 2019 - 6'3 - Post - New Jersey Sparks EYBL 17U - Power post who delivers a strong inside presences, consistent interior game, slick foot work, back to basket game.

Angel Reese - 2020 - 6'3 - Wing - Team Takeover EYBL 17U - Athletic wing with enormous length, versatile perimeter threat, penetrates at the point of attack, defends, high motor on glass, rebounds, handle, elite prospect in 2020 class.

Kaelynn Satterfield - 2019 - 6'0 - Guard - New Jersey Sparks EYBL 17U - Versatile perimeter guard who brings size to the backcourt, plays with in herself, court awareness, smooth, creator, handle, crafty, plays under control.

Gabby Zapata - Smalls - 2019 - 6'2 - Forward - Books & Basketball 17U - Strong, interior prospect with rising offensive game, cleans glass, draws contact, lots of put backs, finishes around rim, active on both sides of the ball.

Aliyah Matharu - 2019 - 5'8 - Point Guard - New World - Athletic combo-guard who delivers, delivers off the dribble, creative floor game, savvy, transition game, displays floater in the lane, handle.

Madison Scott - 2020 - 6'2 - Forward - Team Takeover EYBL 17U - Versatile, agile forward who competes on both ends, shot blocker with great length, good leaper, versatile defender, active in transition.

Michelle Sidor - 2019 - 5'7 - Combo-Guard - New Jersey Sparks EYBL17U - Electrifying combo-guard who delivers in the mid-range game, spreads the floor, consistent, high percentages of shots, great shot selection, creates of bounce, tons of offensive arsenal, handle, Signed to Michigan.

Tink Davis - 2020 - 5'6 - Point Guard - New Jersey Sparks EYBL 16U - Lead combo-guard with a scorers mentality, physical off the dribble, explosives off the dribble, court creator.

Mossi Staples - 2019 - 5'6 - Guard - New World - Crafty playmaker who thrives in transition, first step is quick, distributes and dishes in transition, high motor, breaks defenders down. mid-range is definitely there.